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My Future Little Girl

While I am not married and nor do I have any children I have a recurring dream of a little girl that in my dream is my little girl and she has long dark curly hair and unusual eyes, like an odd color but I can never remember no matter how hard I try why I think they are unusual. We are at the beach and my husband and I are walking hand in hand and smiling while watching our little girl. She is running, laughing, giggling, and squealing with joy and she keeps turning around and running back up to me and my husband grabbing onto our legs. Then my dream switches to me sitting up in a hospital bed with my husband sitting in the bed behind me with me between his legs and him supporting me while I am in labor and also while I am giving birth to a little girl. Once the little girl is born we are alone in the room and I am cradling her while she stares up at me and his arms are wrapped around both of us while I am leaning back against him with my head against his shoulder and he is leaned over with his cheek touching my head and speaking softly to me and our baby girl but I never remember what he is saying.

I feel happy and content during both parts of my dream as well as when I awake. I have had this dream over and over but I can never remember why I think my little girl’s eyes are unusual or what my husband is saying while speaking to me and our newborn little girl.

Thank you in advance for the dream interpretation.

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Re: My Future Little Girl

The first possibility to your dream would be the wishful desire to have children. Is that a desire you think of often? Being at the beach {the border between the conscious and unconscious-water is the unconscious} with your husband reinforces that possibility.

Another possibility is the little girl in your dream is you. The unusual eyes may represent the unusual way you are of observing yourself. While things in general are good in your life you are the type that requires emotional as well as physical support {grabbing onto our legs}. Perhaps you look to your husband for support for much of your won emotional needs. The giving birth of the new baby would be giving birth to a new you. That person would be less dependent on others for emotional support {which would be required if you are too build a balanced psyche}. The one telling sentence {if in fact is stated correctly is 'Once the little girl is born we are alone in the room and I am cradling her while she stares up at me', an indication of self support. Yet as the paragraph continues you are not alone in the room, your husband is there providing support.

Another possibility is the dream could be reinforcing the importance for you to have the support of your husband in having a baby. Has there been discussion about having children?

Let me know your thoughts to the above possibilities and perhaps we can narrow the possibilities and find one that fits with your life.


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