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recurring Night mare

All right first lets start with I am a lucide dreamer and have been for many year. I am able to do what ever i wish this includes changing the dream course all together, like scenery time of day and so forth. I've been plagued with dreams like this since i can remember. When i was little it start with heaven and hell breaking loose on earth. Then it went to chemical war fair. Where the dead walk the earth in the fashion of the stand meet resident evil. It is a disease that affects only humans and some are amune to it and some are not. So unlike resident evil you cannot get it through bites or scratches. My dreams are off the wall anyway and they start the same as they always do but then take a major shift for the worse. Mean they start normal and then out of no where the dead show up in vast numbers. In my dreams I always start alone, and being perused by the living dead. Of course the only way to kill them is the same in resident evil. The thing is I've had these dreams way before resadent evil came out. Any way In these dreams I'm gathering people and going somewhere fighting the entire way. These dreams are void of animals and are always at dusk or dawn. When I was little i use to be terrifies and would wake up in tears. I have gotten kinda use to them now after 24 years. But even then I still wined up scared. Like the one I had last night I was alright until my dream took an unusual turn. Last night my biggest fear wasn't the living dead. I remember talking to someone telling them I hate these dreams and I instructed him on how to kill them. During the dream I got attacked by a living person. After the encounter I looked at the person with me and said. I can't believe in this one (dream) I'm going to have to worry about the living as well as the dead. Things turned ugly quickly. I woke up with my heart racing and breathing hard. My adrenaline was out the roof. It normaly takes a min for everything to fade even after I wake up. I call othes awaking dreams. Because I'm wake but my eyes haven't shifted from what they see in my dreams to real life. It normally fades quickly but not quick enough. I think that had something to do with my sleep walking as well. When I sleep walk my eyes are open but are not really looking. After one of these dreams I always smoke a cigarette and say a couple of our fathers. I fear going back to sleep because on those night i normally go right back into them. It's the only time I can go right back into a dreams i just woke myself up from.
When I go to sleep I always make stories up in my head so that my mind is only focused on one thing and not on 30,000. This is the only way i have found to go to sleep or I'd be up for hours because my mind never stops. Nothing out of normal happens before these dreams. In the light of this month I'm thinking about I'll possible graduate at in dec and Then I'll go to Frankfort to become a state cop. I'm kinda seeing this guy and normally wondering if he'll come over. I've looked at everything and though about this could be a dreams that states change. But looking back at all of them all they are all sperattic. Change in my life is monthly. Worry in my life is weekly. I use to dreams where I'm always running form something or going somewhere. In my dreams I know which ones signify change I know what most of my dreams mean. I have had many dreams where I have to deal with things that I have to deal with in life. But to have to deal with the same dream several times a year and every year is getting a little old. It's a war and it's horrible! I see people die. I have to kill to survive. It could be a women, child, teenager. It use to bother me. It's to the point now that last night one of my friends turned and i was forced to take there life. One of the people in my dreams asked how can you handle this. How can you just kill your friend. I looked at the person and said. "She was dead before i killed her. Her soul was already in heaven the only thing left was the body and after years of this type of dream you kinda get use to it." Hell in real life I can't kill anything I don't have the heart. I guess it would be different if my life depended on it. I just don't understand why i keep having these, why they are always the same, and what do they mean. In life I'm a happy go lucky person with a personality every one loves.

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Re: recurring Night mare

How was your childhood? Any traumatic experiences that could account for your nightmares? And the monthly changes you speak of. Are they due to some negative emotional experiences or is it because of your life style? Have you sought counseling? More info about your personal life {that which you feel comfortable sharing} may help.


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