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Friend's mom

I found the notes from the dream I had about my friend's mom. (Same friend as in my previous post were I had the short dream about both of his parents). Here's the dream: I went to Fred's mom's house (I've never actually been there). There was a box from on the front stairs and I was carrying red roses. No one was home. The door was open and I went in. I was still carrying the flowers and the box. I went into Fred's room which was rather cluttered. I started to open the box from I must have heard someone because the next theng I knew, I was headed downstairs not carrying the box or the flowers). His mom was coming up the stairs. I introduced myself as Fred's friend and gave her my name. She didn't seem surprised and we went outside and talked about Fred and Ann (his ex who he's now engaged to -- or at least he was the last time I spoke with him in August of 2006). I told his mom all about Fred and me. I don't remember what she said, but when we were talking about him and Ann, she rolled her eyes and agreed that where Ann is concerned, he needs to "grow some cahonas". It was a very friendly conversation.


Also, just curious if there was anything peculiar about dreaming about his father who passed on so many years ago. Thanks.

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Re: Friend's mom

Hi Deej

there are multiple interpretations of every dream - I'll offer this perspective:

Can I put this back to you ? Deej - that YOU need to "grow some cahonas" ,,, I am not familiar with this but I think it relates to becoming more masculine ? is that right.

This would fit with you 'entering Fred's room'.

The house you enter is Fred's mom's house ,,, does this symbolise that you have been heavily influenced by your mother ,,, and that you have not been present for yourself (there was no one home)?
The box from Amazon reminds me of Pandoras box ,,, you never know what you'll find inside.

What are you thoughts ?

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Re: Friend's mom


Thanks for the interpretation. I don't think I've been influenced by my mom. And, as far as this friend is concerned, I don't need to be more assertive or masculine, although there are other areas in my life where that might apply. As for not being present for myself, I'm not sure what you mean by that, but I do put the needs, feelings, etc. of others before my own. I find your relating the amazon box to a pandora's box very intriguing (good thing I didn't open it in the dream -- lol). Thanks again.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 40 Roselle Park

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