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the parts that I remember blurry I will leave behind

In my dream I was on a different plane

Dream starts as I look at the sky, it was twilight and ancient spaceships were moving through our atmosphere, going away on movement in space or to some other world. Everything around me was in black, blue, red and white color. There was me as 25 or maby older, as sharp and dark demon or angel, I was standing in front of the water, the tree was above me giving me shadow from moonlight. I looked at spaceships and said 'One day my time will come.'. dream made a jump.. And I was commanding my own ancient spaceship. It was huge, ancient flying palace, runned by source magick. I was only one abord and looked little older. My ship was one of the convoy of ships. We moved silently and compassionately through space to our destination. ..this is little blurry.. last thing I remember from that part was that we entered into crack between dimensions in space. ..again I remember blurry... next thing I remember was that I fall from some structure, structure that occupies all space above. It looked I fall on 1 level down from some megastructure complex. I was black and blue devil or angel, I had black wings. Every were around me were piles of bones, corpses and skeletons of creatures same as me. Nothing else, and they were every were. I started to walk in one direction through that open mass tomb. I remember.. I was moving, I was pulled through space between two parallel plane structures, I entered an opening in the structure, then another opening in structure plate, then another, every one of the structure plates was different... then I fight to one structure plate with enormous number of small 10cm2 plates, the whole plate was made of it... so I was floating in vacuum in front of that structure, there was no end or begining of it, and all structure was made of that little plates. Then I looked little closer and I comed to ideal that those plates were signatures of people who came his way before me. Instantly structure made a plate for me. With my finger I wrought simbols on in, and structure pulled me in. ...after that I remember this... I was running upwards on some kind of mountain made just of rock or steel, running like hell upwards... then I remember this... I was sitting at the top of the mountain and I was protecting big white egg with my body, giving it warmth and protection. I was saying to it, 'Come on, come on, come on, ...' I looked around and the top of the mountain was just entrance to new level of structure. It looked like Im sitting on a island and the abyss around me was lake, more like I was on a island in water filled meteor crater, not big I could fly over the abyss in few sec. If I was on the island then on the shore were creatures same like me, quite a bunch of them. The only difference between us was that they were on the shore and I was on the island protecting egg. They were jelling at me, and then egg started to hatch. In that egg was I and I flew over the abyss into that crowd.... next I remember... I was in that crowd of same creatures like me... I was looking at the sky. There was no way out, so I flew up to the sky, lightnings crashed in me, but I still went up. Then I was on the cloud, gray clouds, and black above me. On the clouds was woman same species like me , looking at me. I dont remember anything else.

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