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Reccuring Nightmare

I had a dream last night that was rather.... strange. Could any of you interpret it and give me any idea on what it means please?

Well basically, I was walking through the circus by myself and then I went over to a counter (as you do) who was selling eyeliner, and this girl comes up behind me and says
"can i have some thick eyeliner please"
and the woman gives her a green rope (which was like thin string) and the girl says
"is that thick enough?"
and they compare it to something that she had brought in.... and then to some huge thick rope. So I think....okay strange. Then the woman behind the counter says
"come here"
to me... so I did and the next thing I know i'm in some big swirly dress dancing on this spinning platform....with other people of course....and then the woman from behind the counter says to the lead dancer
"you are sacked"
and puts me in her place.... and i'm all like... thats not fair blah blah, and then there was like a huge song and dance number where I ended up in a bubble that pops... i think yey! Then the sacked lead dancer runs off and I think okay fine....

Then I cant remember what happened. Then ..

I'm in a bathroom about the size of a cupboard in the bath... complaining about how I shave my legs badly... but there is no one else there... the bathroom is kind of joined to another bathroom by a corridor and I’ve locked the door to that.
Next thing I know my Nan, mom and dad are in the bathroom with me talking about why I’m dancing (in that show). Then a man comes in from the corridor... I scream and say
"but...that door is locked."
and he goes
"I dont care."
So I pull out some huge (you know the Aladdin shaped swords?) well one of them... and he laughs and puts a movie on (a scary movie) about rape and murder.... lovely. but we all escape and run off. Then the police (like robots, think cybermen) arrive and are all like
"We are looking for a murderer"
and the whole circus goes into nan runs into this bloke who puts elastic bands around her and threatens to kill her... so I broke those bands and say get lost, and hit this guy in the head, he says
"Are you messing with my people?"
I say no and sorry and rub his head better, he laughs and says "
I think you are..."
and gets a shaver out =S but we all run off, and the guy pulls down some people off the street and shaves their heads....

Then we run into some strange building like a shopping mall, and we are all like "oh my god whats going on..." then I walked into my boyfriend and he was bleeding from the leg and I shout
"somebody help me".
but he was actually fine and the blood disappeared... strange. So we walked through the crowds of people and find an elevator... which has 14 buttons for the floor... so we get into this elevator and it doesnt go up it spins and spins and goes down... then we get out and we are in like a school production of the lion king... and this little kid is on his own and some men in a tent tell him to come to them, I tell him
"they are liars come with us"
so he does. but when he sees these lions on the stage he wants to run up on stage, so I go with him.
Then we are in a bank… and the elevator is there and we are running through these corridors trying to find a way out…then we are in the street and there is just a huge tower in the center…
then we are all of a sudden back in the elevator running away and we go up this time... and come out in an alley. but the police are there and for some reason I say
"send the intestines up in the elevator?"
and we all get back in and run... then I get kidnapped by the man who broke into the bathroom thing... and he says
"what a pretty dress youve got there" and all of a sudden I realise who this guy was... then I woke up.

I reckon the guy was actually like the lead dancer thing… but the lead dancer was actually a guy. But …yeah.

I don't have a clue what that means so i'm soo confused. Its a bit strange for me. Any help appreciated =]

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Re: Reccuring Nightmare

I could venture a guess to what this dream is all about but since it most likely is dealing with personal associations in your life it would only be a guess. At your age life is changing and your dreams deal mostly with personal interests and events. It would be almost impossible to decipher the dream without knowing a lot more about you and your everyday routine. My sense is the dream is addressing those everyday events and the emotional effects they have on your psyche. As with the elevator, life is full of ups and downs and spinning. Take the dream as just that, a statement about your life, in the present with no seemingly serious negative aspects. Just the routine day to day life of a teenager with all its ups and downs.


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