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I don't know who to ask but ever sicne my mom died I have dreamed about death,pregnacy, and ghost.When I dream of death and pregnacy I know it because my teeth will fall out in my dream or I will see fish.What I need help with is the ghost. I have only seen them 2 times but they are always there. I used to get trapped with them in the bathroom until I would get mad and yell at them.(Then I would get out and wake up.)Now I have kids, so in my dreams I am still yelling at the ghosts but I have to get my kids out and it's not in the bathroom as much.I need help with this because I dream of death and pregnacy I wounder if they are real and why I dream of them. I have always had nightmares, but as I get older it seems that they are more than dreams. Can u help?

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Re: ghosts


It looks like you got hold of a typical “dream dictionary” that gives fixed meanings about certain images like teeth falling out or seeing a fish in your dreams. Actually, dreams are a little more complicated to figure out, so I’ll try to explain briefly how this works.

First off, there’s you (called the “ego”), then there’s the “unconscious”. We experience the unconscious, say, in fantasies where we see ourselves as rich and famous, or we have strong emotions such as rage that might tend to take us over.

That means that it’s like underneath the ego there’s sort of an ocean where all these emotions, fantasies and so on exist but which the ego sees only sometimes when they well up somehow in emotions, fantasies, or in dreams etc. Basically a dream tries to balance everything out by showing the dreamer things that they should be more aware of, important things that might be too deep all the time in the “ocean” of the mind.

So if you look at it this way, a fish lives in the ocean or lake for example, and therefore can be a symbol of something you the ego is probably not aware enough of. To find out what the fish might mean in your dream, a good way is to take a few quiet moments, focus on the image of the fish, and see what spontaneous thoughts, feelings and memories come to mind.

This can be anything of course, but for example, when doing this a person might suddenly remember an event that disturbed them but which they put out of their mind completely. In such a case, the dream is probably saying to the dreamer that they should mull over the event and let out their emotions about it or talk to the person involved if they were angry with them and didn’t say anything before. This is just a very general example but the basic idea is to make conscious and allow in any unpleasant emotions etc. that might tend to be too “deep in the ocean”.

If this doesn’t happen, the dream might take it to a second more upsetting stage to make the ego pay more attention to an underlying situation. It looks like this may have happened with your ghost dreams because a ghost in a dream often symbolizes something that’s being ignored too much and it will tend to “haunt” the person until paid attention to.

This “haunting” can be seen for example in such things as feeling too anxious a lot of the time, having too many upsetting outbursts of anger occur, or in feeling bored and listless for no apparent reason. Or a person might have headaches too often, or get sick more than usual etc.

The ghosts might have been in your bathroom because sometimes a “bath”-room can be connected with the idea of being immersed in water like at a baptism where the person is briefly placed underwater. This is a symbol of being reborn and maybe the ghosts were trying to force you to change your attitude about something in order to be “reborn” and to move on in your life somehow.

Teeth falling out in a dream can have various meanings depending on the dreamer and the actual situations going on in their life.

For example, teeth often represent the first stage of taking hold of the events of everyday life (food) and transforming it into our psychological and spiritual growth. The teeth must be in good shape to do this important early “breaking down” of the “food” of experience so that it can eventually be “digested”, that is, so that a person can find some meaning in what has happened to them regarding big events and small ones.

Also, over the centuries, the rows of teeth have been seen by people as the “battlements” protecting the inner soul. If these are in bad condition, falling out etc., it may point to some misguided attitude that is putting the psyche at risk in some way, perhaps following along with expressing feelings that “look good to others” (a phony white-teeth smile for example) as opposed to expressing true emotions.

In addition, teeth falling out often relate to anxiety dreams so there might be some unconscious anxious feelings that you may not tend to be acknowledging enough.

Sometimes teeth symbolize aggressiveness. Being “rotten’”, falling out etc. in this case would point to the specific type of “misguided attitude” (aggressiveness) mentioned above that could be “destructive” to the overall personality. The aggressiveness in question might be hidden and never expressed in an assertive manner and therefore causes the “teeth” that protect your “soul” to “rot” and fall out.

So you can see that a symbol isn’t usually a fixed thing. A person has to mull over a dream to see what comes to mind and this will help to understand the dream in the long run. Because your dreams about fish, teeth falling out, and ghosts started to occur after the apparently untimely death of your mother, perhaps there are some lingering feelings surrounding this very painful event that still need to be talked about with a trusted friend or even a counselor if they are too upsetting to discuss with family or friends.

I hope that I wasn’t too boring in talking so much about your dreams and that at least some of the thoughts given will help in finding some meaning in them.

Please Note:
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Re: ghosts

Thank you for your reply. What I was Trying to say was what you told me, was what I read in the book. When I dream of my teeth falling out, a baby being born, or a wedding someone dies. I don't know who, what,or were. I never know the person,it is a friends family or friend. Now when I dream of fish someone gets pregnant,I usually know them.See I know what those symbols mean for me.Everything that I have read has never said anything like that. I know that my dreams aren't just about me , there is a real meaning
for a paticulare symbol. Here lately my dreams have become more real as far as dreaming something and living it soon after. People say the ghost is my mother.Maybe it is my inner feeling of being haunted by a troubled past, but what if its more ,like my other dreams.I didn't really know my mother so I don't really see why it would be her. My husband thinks I am crazy but it's not just in my dreams. My t.v turns on and off in differnt rooms, my light bulbs in every room are constantly blowing out and my alarm clock will start flashing like the power went out but the time will be right. I don't ever feel, hear or see them when I am awake , it is just the strange things that happen. As a matter of fact I was looking up some other things about ghosts this morning when my 5 year old daughter came up to me and mind you she can't read and I din't tell her what I was doing said " Mommy ghost aren't real , they are just for pretend huh?" I said yes baby because I am not sure if she is ready for what I know. She hasn't been affected by them yet but heard my relitives say they have some type of 6 sense and the things she says sometimes makes me thinks she will too. My problem is I don't know what to tell her or even tell myself because everyone has a idea but there is kmow way to prove it and all the ideas I have heard are all the same. I am so interrested in learning more and I value every idea because I like to try it when I dream. I have accually been able to realize that I am dreaming and do something in my dreams. It is really interresting to wake up and think about what you did,but it's not the whole dream, just piece of it.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 22, panama city fl

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Re: ghosts


just reading this am no exspert,but your baby asking you are ghost real could be that she has heard you talking to some one and with out nowing has taken it on board untill something trigged it of in her mind and she has asked you!!the mind is powerfull and we all have a sence of power its the body and minds deffence to pick up on felling like being scared,feeling when there is danger around it normal its your mind and body protecting you from harm,it could be you deffence was borken at some time and now you are older you mind is trying to make sence of it and this was all trigerd of by a death and loss! and maybe befoe to much more time is lost you are slowly working it out but your mind is controling how much as not to harm you any more.

sorry about the spellings it early
thanks surf

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Re: ghosts

Hi again Heather,

After reading what you’ve written in reply, I’m going to go out on a limb and try a few new additional ideas which I hope will be of some help.

Overall, it looks like you and other members of your family have a very strong intuitive sense and it’s great that you’re trying to learn all about these things. This powerful intuitive ability puts you in tune with the probability of upcoming deaths and pregnancies for example, and it looks like your dreams do relate to these outer events on a regular basis, so I stand corrected in viewing them as being just about inner problems.

But maybe these dreams are also meant to help you see that there is something not resolved yet about the troubled past that you mentioned.

For example, teeth falling out can be related to the idea of old age and death on the analogy that at one time, old people often used to lose all of their teeth. So a dream’s intuitive reach tells you about an upcoming death, perhaps also saying at the same time something like “Hey, some old way of acting needs to ‘die’ in you!”. This doesn’t take away from the importance and mystery surrounding the outer person’s death but adds a new dimension about you, one that’s just as important and that could help you as well.

The dream image of a baby being born likely relates to the idea that the dead person will be born again in some way, but in addition, it might be pointing to the fact that if you resolve some pain created by your past, a new inner baby could be born.

The idea of weddings and death often crops up in dreams where the person is “united” again with God and loved ones, but also a wedding can symbolize coming to some new understanding, so here I go again with the idea that your dreams could have a dual purpose, one part telling you of an outer death for example, and the other part saying something like “You too can be wedded to a new understanding of yourself”.

Of course, it’s known that at one point a foetus has gills like a fish and it’s in a “watery environment”, so the idea of a fish probably links once more with the outer pregnancy as well as with your own inner chance to have a new insight or “baby of understanding” be born at some time if you work at it.

Dreams often work like that in the sense of trying anything to surprise and interest the dreamer so that he or she will pay attention to some inner situation as well as an outer one if necessary. Your troubled past was probably very painful and therefore you understandably don’t like to look at it too much. Perhaps the dreams just keep trying to emphasize by their predictions the idea that “they know” something inside you also has to be resolved.

And very often, inner turmoil and pain that isn’t being dealt with turns up on the outside, so I think that could be the cause of the various unusual events that you’ve described. Also, kids pick up on the atmosphere around them, so maybe your daughter is indirectly sensing some unconscious turmoil in you related to the circumstances surrounding your mother or other problems early in your life.

I would bet that if you were able to come to terms with some unacknowledged upset and pain within, the number of outer ghost-related events would lessen. Maybe even the dreams that predict things would be reduced.

Also, I’m not too much of a fan of trying to be aware of dreaming and then influencing the action. I believe that on the whole, it’s probably better just to let dreams unfold on their own and try to figure them out later, but it’s up to you of course.

To sum up, maybe the best thing for you to do is to speak with a sympathetic counselor who’s familiar with death and grieving or other types of things that you went through when younger in order to explore if there might be something that needs to be expressed more fully about these events. Hopefully, as mentioned, this would get rid of most of your “ghosts” that keep upsetting you.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 57, Canada

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