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Three swans

I'm in large, very tall building. It's very chaotic and there are people everywhere. It is a place for students to live, with many small apartments. I'm in the reseption, which also is the reseption for a large area of swimmingpools connected to this building. I'm asking about the possibillity for renting a small place for me and my daughter. This must mean that I am no longer living with her father like I do in real life. The girl behind the counter informs me that there will be a new drawing soon (like a lottery) maybe already the next day. I look at a picture of one of the apartments and it's really nice, but the rent is very high.

Next, I'm in the pool area, in the water swimming with my boyfriend. It seems like the pools are connected and endless. The water is white and there are waves.
I follow my boyfriend and he suddenly starts to draw a picture on a canvas in the water. He draws three ducks, swimming in water in an icy landscape. It's beautiful and I think to myself: Drawing is just another thing he claims he's no good at, but when he does it, it's perfect!

The ducks then come alive and we swim with them, at one point I'm holding one of them in my arms. We swim together for a while and suddenly the three ducks are gone and instead there are three white swans swimming ahead of us.

It feels like we're in the sea and the swans are riding on the white waves. It's a very joyful experience. We swim for a long time and then we reach a massive concrete wall, stopping us from going further in that direction. It feels a bit disappointing, and I believe that the real sea is on the other side of that wall.

The dream ends with me and my boyfriend coming together in a kiss, and it's like we've come together again after the break up.

But before I wake up I dream that I am sitting in a room trying to write down this dream, and I'm constantly asking my boyfriends questions to get all the details. I say to him: There are so many elements! And he replies: Yes. You go on and on about that you know... These words hurts me and I get angry and throw the paper away. If it doesn't matter to him, then I won't try to undrestand it, I think. Then I wake up.

Re: Three swans

Hi Inanna

As I am sure you know, there are many possible interpretations of each dream, and certainly in this dream there are may themes to consider.

I would like to offer one theme -overall reminds me of a damsel, for whatever reason, in a big protective house that keeps her from the world and the world from her.

what are your thoughts on this dream? do you see similarities between this dream and your life ?
Is there chaos in your life - this may be inner turmoil.
Do you feel trapped by life?
How do you relate to your feelings? Are there parts of your feeling self that are frozen?
Do you feel / have you felt unworthy in the past (yes all of us have), and maybe now sense that things could be different?
What are you hidden talents ? What under-expressed or ways of expressing yourself do you have that have been denied or put down ?

All the best

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Re: Three swans

I think you might be right about me beeing, or at least feeling, kept from the outside world somehow. I have been "trapped" by an intense inner prosess for quite some time, and I also have had a tendency to live inside my dreams rather than in the real world, ever since I was a child. This is something that has worried me a lot lately, because I get afraid that I don't get the right picture of things.
It may also be that I sometimes feel trapped by the responsibility of becoming a mother, this meaning I have had to let go of many things that used to define me as a person.
I'm really going in and out of this emotional chaos, often feeling unworthy and putting myself down. I struggle to deal with some dark and negative aspects within, and I often worry that this prosess is making me very difficult to live with. I guess I worry a lot about loosing what's good in my life because of all this..

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