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    Stabbed my Ex's Sister and Chased by Deamons

    I just woke up out of a sound sleep and this dream was so disturbing that I can't go back to sleep. Please forgive me, I appoligize in advance if it bothers anyone.

    I drempt that I went over to my ex's sister's house - and she was driving me over to my ex's house to pick up my stuff. The whole time at her house and while we were driving she was being really overbearing and pushing me around and then laughing about it like she was trying to pretend she was just joking. It was really getting me close to loosing my temper in the dream. We got to my ex's house and she said as we were walking up to the door, "You better not go back to him." Once inside my ex grabbed me and hugged me and told me that he loved me, I told him I loved him back and was happy to feel his arms around me. This made his sister very angry and she started to yell and scream at me, I was arguing with her and trying to explain but she started crying and pushing me, and trying to provoke me. I went outside with her to try and talk to her but she wouldn't listen and just kept trying to get me to fight with her, pushing me really hard and saying things like, "Come on, hit me." "Come on, why don't you just kick my ass." "Yeah, your just a pussy." I heard my ex yell from inside the house (which wasn't even his real house it was a hotel room.) "Just ignore her Frankie, tell her to fuck off and ignore her, she's a piece of shit anyways." So I turned around and walked back into the house. As I was turning around to close the door, she was comming at me with a knife. She stood there and told me to take it and stab her. I told her no. She said that she knew I was a pussy and that I couldn't do it and that she was going to stab me then. I then grabbed it out of her hand and stabbed her in the side (But for some reason I knew in my dream where to stab her so it wouldn't kill her.) She stood there and grabbed her side and started to sob. My ex was then stading next to me and said "Good Job" Then she got really really pale, almost completely white and fell to the floor. I started crying because I thought I had killed her. I said, "We need to take her to the hospital." I then picked her up and put her on my back and headed out of the hotel room. When I went out of the room it had changed outside and no longer was the car parked out there but the hotel turned into four hudge six or so story buildings that were in a circle and we were on probably the fourth or so floor. So I started to run down the stairs outside. Once I got to the bottom, I realized that the only way out was to cross this huge pool that was in the middle of all the buildings because there was a gap on the other side between two of the buildings. So I started to wade into the water. It slanted like a bowl, and I tried to stay on the edge because I didn't want to slip in and drown his sister but it ran into this big pile of dirt that was in a corner of the pool. My foot slipped and I was scared that I would fall into the middle of the pool. I remember being scared when I looked at it because I couldn't see the bottom. Just then my ex said here climb up here and over the top of the pile. He climbed up first and then put his hand out for me. Just then we heard someone yelling "Hey!" and my ex said, "Oh shit, hide." and he jumped back into the water and told me to hide on the side of the dirt pile. We looked up and on the second floor balcony there was the owner of the hotel, but then all these people appeared all over the balconies and they were having this hudge party in the hotel. The we got out of the water really quick and were walking through the people toward these stairs that I knew was the way out. The whole time my ex was following me. I started down the stairs and there was this girl that said something to me and I reached out and pushed her down the stairs and as I was walking past her and running down the last flight of stairs I past two guys and one of them said "Awesome" as he was looking at her after she fell down the stairs. Then I ran out. After that I woke up - but not for real - I was dreaming that I woke up in my dream. And while I was laying in my bed thinking about how scared I was, I looked around the room and realized that it looked kind of hazy and strange, once I realized this, it all smeared together and got really blury - then it started back into the other story and I was by myself running back into my ex's hotel room. I knew that I had gotten his sister to the hospital in time, but I didn't understand why I wasn't there with her, and I was scared that my ex's parents, my ex, and the police would be after me for stabbing her. When I got to his door there were stickers and all kinds of notices taped to it in a big mess. I tore them off and went inside the house. It was really dark, and I started to try and read what was on the stickers but I couldn't see. Then I realized that I wansn't alone in there. There was something out of the corner of my eye. When I looked up it was my ex but it wasn't my ex - it was really weird because he was almost see through and in my dream I thought he was a demon. He snarled and started to come at me, I reached down and grabbed the bloody knife that I had stabbed his sister with and sliced him horozontally accross the stomache. He faded and disapeared. Then they started comming at me from all directions and they all looked the same. One after the other I sliced them across the stomache and they disapeared. I tried to make my way to the door to get out and they blocked me, I started trying to kill them but then I realized that they were comming to fast and eventually they would envelope me - then I got that really really creepy feeling when you are about to really panic because you know your going to die. It was absolute terror. Then I woke up.

    If anyone can enlighten me to what this means I would really really really apreciate it. I just left my ex four days ago. I am seriously disturbed by this dream because it was like I was looking out of my own eyes, I didn't see myself in the dream till I was running the last couple steps out of the hotel.

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    Re: Stabbed my Ex's Sister and Chased by Deamons

    Hi Franccesca

    It is likely part of this dreams meaning is about your relationship with your ex, another part is likely to be about your inner stuff - it may be that the dream is showing you, using the relationship as an example, what is going on inside you.
    (Does it only take four days to become an 'ex'?!)
    Was it your decision to break up?

    In regard to the dream and your relationship - From your perspective, was there a real connection / love in the relationship ? or was the motivation for the relationship something else?

    I think the significance of this dream for you is what it is conveying about your inner life - and this you will have to work through - I'll try and give some clues from what may be in the dream.

    The perspective of the dream is very important, and I am not sure what you mean by 'looking out of my own eyes'. Was it like you were in the dream or that you were looking at the things happening in the dream ? If you were looking at things happening then it is likely that the dream is trying to give you an unbiased view of what is going on in you / in your life.

    There is a lot of conflict, and dare I say confusion in the dream.
    In the dream you have killed (almost, then saved) a woman, and then been attacked by many many masculine demons. Both masculine and feminine is involved.

    Are you a happy go lucky kind of person, or a determined I know what I want, what is good for me type of person? My guess is the later - one might say self-determined. It is my guess that this may not be the real you and that you feeling that you are having to fight for your survival.

    Your thougths?
    good luck

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