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I saw God and he was judging people and bringing people to heaven or hell.I asked here where I will go and he said hell.So I went there but It looked like a computer game and so did heaven.I could see heaven and hell at the same time.Heaven was at the left hel at right.I din't get burned from fire though I was just there but I felt sad.I was wondering why I deserved hel then God said that I'm an okay person and I'm not really bad.I think he said something else but I forgot.I kinda remember what he looked like in my dream but he wasn't glowing.He white beard and he was sitting in his throne.Then I kinda turned in some guy that looked like Jesus but he looked like he was a cartoon or something.I gave God money so he can forgive me and then I gave him a blue ring but he got mad and I don't know why.It ended there.What does this mean? :[

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Re: Nightmare

It sounds as if you may be questioning some aspect of your life, most likely masculine. Or there is a judgement being made against you, someone is judging/treating you unfairly. It may have to do with the masculine aspect, the dream seems to be questioning 'his/its' authority. It could be spiritual and you are challenging the patriarchal/masculine system. Or there may be some type of male dominance in your life and you want/need to rebel/question against that.

I was struck by the comparison of right being hell and left being heaven. In mythology the hero/heroine always takes the left hand path, one of danger and adventure, creativity, spirituality. Metaphysically that would be your personal heaven. The right hand path is social duty, doing what you are told, having to follow a system that goes against your true self. Is there some instance in your life where you are expected to do as you are told. Would that involve a man? Are you having to do one thing and you rather be doing something else?
Are you a creative person? What place does spirituality hold in your life? These things may have some relevance to your dream.

Another possibility, although a lesser one for someone your age, you are challenging the masculine, inwardly, your own higher self/qualities. It is costing you emotionally {paying God}.
This would be a deeper psychological search having to do with inner aspects, deeper emotionally stresses.

Look at your life and see what of the above, if any, may fit. Let me know your thoughts and perhaps we can gain new insights that will provide further understanding of the dream, and yourself.


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Re: Nightmare

In addition to Gerard’s insight regarding emotional stresses the dream may speak of regrets, reliving some past mistake(s) which prevents you from release and moving on.

In your dream cartoon jesus may signify the solution or resolution. Jesus symbolic of self forgiveness (you turn into jesus) and cartoon (from hyperdictionary) “…you may need to learn to laugh at yourself and at your mistakes.”

Perhaps you continually pay again and again for this mistake. More than what is necessary which detracts from life…blue could be a pun for depression, ring a circle or cycle. Perhaps this manifests as an endless cycle of reliving and regret.

If this fits with your life…I can only offer we win some and we lose some. That’s life. What we lose can eventually bring us closer to some other aspect we require. If we continue to psychologically beat our self we lay fallow the very ground that would nurture seeds of positive growth.

“For a conscious being, to exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.” Henri Bergson

Kind regards,

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Re: Nightmare

Thanks so much for the interpretsion.It helped alot. :)

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