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list of my recurring dreams (is there a common link?)

I tend to dream almost exclusively in frequently recurring dreams (each one at least 10 times a year).
I dream every night. very intensely, and I have a sharp recollection of them.
I made a little list. Maybe there's some connection.
All of these activities are not part of my waking life, still I keep dreaming about them.
Basically all of them are positive and happy dreams.
I also added my own interpretation.

* travelling
- lengthy ice-skating on a frozen canal (maintaining balance in life)
- lengthy marathon running (keeping up to speed with life)
- lengthy boring walks 'home' but never arriving (?)
- long journeys by plane, train, car, never arriving (?)
- driving car, losing my way.

* houses/locations
- at friend's huge mansion, during a party (success in life)
- going up/down in elevator at university building (acquiring new knowledge)
- staying at my childhood holiday farm in the mountains (happiness, feeling protected)
- looking for books in library (need for answers)
- looking for nicknacks in shopping mall
- sorting through hopeless mess in my attic (unorganized life)
- sitting in hotel room or finding my room (?)

* emotions/senses
- being madly in love with a girl, just holding hands, teenage style ()
- taking care of hamsters/kittens. they run all over (neglecting inner emotions)
- being very stoned/drunk at fret party, enjoying the altered reality (new insights)
- swimming underwater
- dancing naked in the pouring rain
- lengthy dreams about lying in bed or sleeping

* larger then life/impossible
- performing on stage, as a celebrity, getting applause (need for attention)
- landing a Boeing 747 (need to feel important, responsibility)
- meeting my dead ancestors or seeing films about them (?)
- meeting movie celebrities and asking them questions (?)
- lucid dreams, picking up buildings and throwing them like superman (?)
- flying like superman (stopped around my 30s) (being out of touch with reality)
- seeing demon from the Exorcist, scary yet interesting (mostly caused by sleeping too warm)

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Re: list of my recurring dreams (is there a common link?)

Before anyone takes on this dream I request that you respond to the last dream post.


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