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reoccurring dream

Hi, I have a complex reoccurring dream that first started when I was about 7 or 8. It's kind of a lot of detail so here goes......I had this dream three times in my life the first when I was younger. In the first one I am at my aunts house in the front yard and there is about hundred people walking down the street carrying their personal belongings. I get the feeling that they are all very sad no one is speaking and I have no idea where they are going. I'm very uneasy in this dream though. Then a man stops and looks right at me and I am terrified then I wake up. The second time I have this dream I was in my teens and it takes place in either Egypt or the Middle East I'm not sure. I'm at a market in the middle of the desert and again I see about a hundred people walking and not speaking. I don't remember this one in as much detail as the first but I remember the uneasy feeling was there. The last time I had this dream was about two years ago this time it was in modern times and again there were people walking but this time I knew where they were going and I joined them. We were going to a bridge because a flood was coming and it was the only safe place, I woke up when we made it to the bridge. I'm not sure if all three are related but there seems to be the reoccurring theme of a bunch of somber people walking with all their things to some location unknown. If anyone has any idea what this could be about I would really appreciate any in put, thank you.

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Re: reoccurring dream

Recurring dreams are often an indication that there are unresolved emotional issues in your life. And since the first time this dream occurred was at the age of 7 or 8 I would begin the 'inner' search there. The terminology you use to describe aspects of the dreams may be telling also. Sad, uneasy, terrified.

The bridge may well be that experience from your past that needs crossing {from the unconscious to consciousness}. The flood could be realizing the affect of these experiences {unresolved emotional issues}. And because these dreams have followed you into adult life they probably have some unconscious control on how you perceive life.

Dreams are often bridges to such unconscious experiences {forgotten, repressed, ignored experiences in your life}. Perhaps by going back to your earliest memories you will uncover what these dreams are trying to communicate about your emotional life. Take this trip back in time and let me know what you come up with. Remember, it may be a past experience but it is strong enough to reamin through all these years.


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