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Videos Now at Myths-Dreams-Symbols

Fellow Jungians, and aspiring heroes and heroines. A note to let you know I've added videos to my Myths-Dreams-Symbols front page. The subject matter is about dreams and myth, Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung. But there is 'An Inconvenient Truth', which is about the feminine as it gets. This is an excellent preview to Al' Gore's Academy winning documentary {I've seen Inconvenient Truth-moving and persuasive} has been on line for awhile with more than 1600 visits.
One I highly recommend is The Hero's Journey in Film. This video demonstrates just how much tremendous creative talent
there is in cyberspace.

These films are from Myspace and YouTube. Let me know what you think. I plan to add more.
And does the format work well on your computer. Not much I can do if you use regular dial up. But the pages should load up in a reasonable time and the quality is really great.

Don't miss the History's Channel Star Wars 30 year anniversary show on Memorial day. They provided a great little ditty of a preview ad below {also on the front page}. I expect much of this program to focus along the lines of Jungian thought and Campbellian mythology. George Lucas is undoubtedly the most famous student of Joseph Campbell. And to know Campbell is the beginning of knowing Jung. And vice versa.


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