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    ---Dreams attempt to reveal the authentic emotions and feelings that are often concealed from the conscious mind.
    ---Dreams compensate for conscious attitudes and personality traits that are out of balance.

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  • 6. All dreams have at least two meanings or applications. One is the symbolic representation, metaphorical of the emotional energies, and the second being a literal application where a person, place or experience is addressing a real life experience. More about this in the Basics of Dream Analysis section at Power of Dreams

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    mad destroyer,alone in the woods and rejected when back

    I hope you can interpret this very disturbing dream fore me. I alreadt posted two other dreams.I hope this is ok. this was a recent dream.

    I become mad and detroy everything in the room with a samurai sword ,but don't kill anybody, just all the things get is rage. I have to escape from the police and the consequences of my havoc.I go into the woods for one year, cannot take anything with me. just my my boyfriend but he never picks it up. I wander and survive eating what I find in the woods and feel very lonely and alienated from the rest of the human beings and the community. after one year I come back and see my boyfriend at a supermarket, I am dressed in Pyiamas,feeling very vulnerable and run to him wanting to embrace and hug him. He is cold and distant and doesn't embrace me.Then I see the reason: he is shopping with his new girlfriend(a very boring normal young housewife),her child of six(not his) and her mother.I cannot understand how he possibly has forgotten me and feel heartbroken ,rejected and lost.And also angry and deceived because with me he never really has comitted and always had a difficulty because of my unruly teenage sons.(we only live together at the weekend even now as my sons are independent).I wake up sobbing and with a deepfelt anguish from my innermost being.
    Thanks for interpreting the dream

    Re: mad destroyer,alone in the woods and rejected when back

    The rage is probably what you feel within and the desire to remove by cutting it away has yet to be successful {did not kill anybody}. You are probably all 'smashed up' inside due to this inner rage. Police often represent one's own higher authority, or the protection who depends on when having to confront those thing that cause such emotions {rage}. These emotions made you feel lonely and alienated from those better parts of yourself. There is a need to get to the aspects {going into the woods}. The one year time frame may be something tangible in your life {what time frame would fit with this in your waking life?}.

    The inclusion of your boyfriend and the scenario played out in the dream probably reflects your feelings about that relationship. It may also add to the rage in the first part of the dream, although that rage may be a combination of emotional conflicts in your life {including parental problems from your previous dream}. These combined conflicts are leaving you anguished.

    At mid-life there is that 'looking back' and trying to make sense of it all. And when things do not go as you wish at this stage in life, the whole of the anguish that has prevailed in your life comes to the forefront. It begins with childhood and the unresolved conflicts from that period of time. All too often those conflicts have unconscious control over your self, your personality, your actions. The need to have your boyfriend put his arms around you and hug you is most likely an extension of a desire you possessed as a child. It all accumulates at mid-life and can lead to such inner rage.

    The solution isn't easy and depends on the individual experiences of the dreamer. If there is conflicts in your current waking life there may be that need first to resolve those. But your psychological make-up, the unresolved conflicts from the past must also be confronted. One step at a time. Start putting your current life, resolving those current conflicts, in order. The masculine aspects are required to do this {being strong, disciplined, and determined to resolve the conflicts}. There may be a need to counseling. But some action must be instigated on your part, or things will remain the same, or get worse.

    Hope this helps. I wish I could wave a magic wand and cure all the ills of these emotional conflicts. The best I can do is give my impressions of your dreams, and hopefully give clarity to what they have to say about your true self.


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    Re: mad destroyer,alone in the woods and rejected when back

    thanks Gerard for caring and interpreting the dream.I think the dreams in itself are the magical wand if listened to .Your interpretation is interesting as well as your advice.I think that the dream could also mean the following(I was Thinking and meditating about it).I am enraged/mad: I feel rage with what is going on in my life as it doesn't suit me anymore. I destroy the solidified objects in the room(what doesn't serve me anymore:attitudes etc...).However I feel shy about this need for chane and feel that maybe my fiends and entourage will reject me and the police(social approval) will punish me for that outrageous step of being myself.(in real life it is very difficult for me to express my anger and be assertive.I am just learning that).I go into the woods:my unconcious inner world...there I have to go alone. I feel lonely because in real life I feel that my boyfriend does not commit enough and fear that he prefers a different woman than I am(more traditional housewife type whereas I am more the artistic tormented type,similar to the romantic German movement in the nineteenth century ).Maybe the other woman is also my boring housewife shadow that I don't like in myself .There is also some resentment because he accepted her kid and laways had a difficulty with my elder sons(understandable though as they were very wild teenies).
    Does this make sense to you?I think dreams have many coexistent interpretations and each are somehow true on different levels(the onion layers).best wishes lotus.

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