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Body of Evidence That Jung Got it Right

Some thoughts on a day of celebrating the one millionth visitor to Myths-Dreams-Symbols

When I first began interpreting dreams for others, I often frequented Dream Central's dream forum where there was much discussion among those who participated as to which method of dream interpretation was best. Although still rather inexperienced in using Jung in dream interpretation I had already gathered insights that what he expounded in his dream philosophies were more than correct and I vigilantly stood my ground in his defence. Since the DC forum was set up by Dream Doc {the host and moderator at Dream Central} there was much resistance to Jung's approach.

Dream Doc had developed her {and her husband Michael} own theories, a lot of which were Jungian {and Freudian} although she would never admit it... see for yourself The Basics About Dreaming at Dream Central.

She and the regulars at her forum often became quite defensive at my insistence in using Jung. There was little inclination on their part to accept any part of Jung's theories, partly because of the loyalty to Dream Doc. It became such a diversion to the practice of interpreting dreams that I stopped posting any interpretations. Eventually I started this forum.

As I look back at those experiences, and look at the MDS Dream Forum and the use of Jungian psyche in interpreting dreams, I know I was right to stay the course. Although you can go through the posted dreams at Dream Central and their interpretations and find validity in those interpretations {any use of symbolic language when interpreting dreams will lead you in the right direction}, the body of evidence in using Jung at this forum is quite apparent. A most recent example is Lesley's post Peeing Dog. Her comment to my interpretation "I never thought of it that way but you have rather hit the nail on the head!" really sums it up to the validity of Jung's approach. And this is one of the many, many interpretations that provided true insights to the dream, enough so that the dreamer realized that validity and saw merit in the interpretations. If there was not an 'AH! Ha' moment by the dreamer to the interpretation, there was something very close to it. This is recorded time and time again in the posted dreams at the Dream Forum.

And it is not just my interpretations. There are many who have studied Jung {many who have done so from the pages at Myths-Dreams-Symbols} and whose experience with dream interpretation was much like my own when I frequented Dream Central-a beginner. Yet those insights into the dream provided by Jung are prevalent in the interpretations and have great merit in their validity. A recent example of that is Marce's interpretation of several dreams that seem to fit properly with the waking life of the dreamer. Marce confessed that he is still new at interpreting dreams but looking at his interpretations you find he uses very correct assumptions about the dream and provides correct advice that the dreamer is able to recognize. Admittedly Marce does seem to have a very developed feminine aspect that helps with insights to the dream.
But it is as much from Jung's tutelage {and from Campbell and others} that he is able to put into words that resonate with the dreamer that helps thhe understand the dream message.
And then there are those, Justin and Kathy to mention two, who have much experience with the dream. By reading their interpretations to posted dreams and the follow-up responses, there is little room for doubt that Jung did get it right. And it is not only the correctness of their interpretations that matter but also the compassionate and caring attitude in which they address the concerns of those who post their dreams. Marce stated his belief in Jung's 'spiritual' aspect within the psyche. This is something that those of us who believe in Jungian psyche is a basic tenet of his philosophy to the dream. It provides the dreamer with correct insights to their dreams, but also provides a forum where they can see first hand that the spirit is strong when it comes to helping others. No matter what religion one practices it is this basic tenet of spirituality that truly makes a difference in people's lives. That is as important as anything at the Forum, providing compassion, and a place where each person can see they are important. Not only do they find proper insights into the dream at the Dream Forum, they also will find compassionate people who care about each dream post and the importance of each dream as it applies to the dreamer.

Interpreting dreams using Jungian psyche is like riding a bicycle.
Although you may be rusty from not practicing you never forget the intuitive manner of what you've learned. Both fit with the natural inherent abilities found within the psyche


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