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Videos at Myths-Dreams-Symbols & Climate Change

I hope many of you have taken the time to view the videos I have added to the Myths-Dreams-Symbols website. There are many good films about dreams and myth {and the environment} that provide new avenues of knowledge on these subjects. That is why I have added them, to best 'articulate' this knowledge. If anyone should come across a video or film or audio that may lend itself to articulating more about the psyche I ask that you let me know the source so I can add then to the collection.

As most of you know Jungian dream psychology is a 'deep' subject and finding time to read and understand what is being said is often beyond comprehension or available time. And there is the 'interest' factor. If a video catches one's attention {as did The Power of Myth did me some 15 years ago} then one is apt to look deeper into the subject being presented. And what better way to catch some one's attention than a well produced video? I believe the next great thing from the internet is the availability of such films. They say a lot, not only to the waking mind but also the unconscious psyche. And when it comes to the matters of the psyche I hope that Myths-Dreams-Symbols is the place to go to learn about the 'inner Self'. The attention span of an American is a lot less than it was 30-40- years ago {the rest of the world is ahead of us, although losing ground also}. So there has to be new ways of getting the message across. By adding this type of cinematic review, not only do I believe there is a connection to the dying attention span but also a connection to the deep psyche. Just as Star Wars did for a generation in the 70s, so too will films and videos do for coming generations. I am thrilled to be a part of that and have found a new excitement in my creative Self by adding them to the Myths-Dreams-Symbols.

You may have also noticed my promotion of the video The Hero's Journey in Film. This video captures the hero cycle perfectly, using various films to advance the ideas of Campbell's hero journey. What you may not know is this film was produced by a young man {21} who has discovered his 'Bliss' early in life. Oh, to be so fortunate! It is ironic that Ciaran {the young man of which I speak} has an interest in Campbell and Jung, and that our paths crossed. It is as if it were programmed to happen.

Can we all in one unified breathe spell Synchronicity?

On another related subject {having to do with the collective psyche}. I will be promoting more subject matter about climate change and global warming at the MDS website. I am convinced that the worse case scenario is very possible if we do not do something immediately about the denigration of our planet. Twenty years ago when I first read Al Gore's book 'Earth in the Balance I was struck by the possible changes he cited as being very probable for the future. That future is here and what we have discovered is what Gore cited then is not only happening, it is doing so at a much more rapid pace than anyone ever thought possible. Yet we place our heads in the sand and pretend it isn't. I have a warning for all mankind, a warning we all should take heed of because it could very well affect this generation, and not just the future. Be afraid, be very afraid!.

This could very well be the new myth for our generation. Saving the planet.


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