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final in the series

I thought you would find this last dream interesting after your analysis of the first three i gave you. Saturday night i had another series of dreams. In the the first I was taken to a place by my ex boyfriend #1 because he was going to show me an apt that i may be interested in living in. He had to go do something for his girlfriend so he told me to look for it. There were three houses I was not sure which one he was pointing at. I went into the first one there were none available, in the second one there was a young girl, she looked like a younger version of me. She was in the bathroom getting dressed and was still naked and did not seem bothered by it because she kept insisting i come in. She then put on a black bra and panty set and told me there was an apt downstairs but she was not sure if it was in good condition for living. I told her the guy said it was ready so we went. When we got there the place was beautifully decorated in sky blue and whie, everything was in those colors, the walls, the cushions, the throw pillows, the accessories. She was stunned because she was not expecting it. The guy came back but this time it is my current boyfriend,(mentioned in the dream posting"the girl") and he asked if I like what he had done to the place for me.
In the second dream i was taking care of two children, a boy and a girl, there mother was missing. I had a shopping bag, one from a upscale store, with a number on it 555-10... I took the number as a clue to find her and called it, it was a man that i know, a family friend. I went into a hospital to look for her and i was sitting on a step, he was standing in front of me telling me that he did not have the answer, he looked kind and concerned. Behind me higher up the stairs was a woman who worked at the hospital, she was upset that i had called him because she said he did not have the answer. She told me to come with her, she took me to a room in the hospital that was full of dead bodies on gurneys, with various types of wounds. She told me to see if the children's mother was there. Sorry to bombard you but I have a lot of dreams lately, it always happens in spurts like these.

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