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    Washing dishes

    Before I begin: I'll sumarise the main things I'm curious about at the end(See the red flag).

    I had this a few nights ago. It's not the most remarkable content wise, but I NEVER (other than in three other dreams) Focus on colour, and in this one the feel was very different from all my other dreams. It's split into two parts:

    (For a bit of back ground information, the person it focuses on, other than me is one I've been in a relationship before with, and I screwed it up pretty bad, hurting her.)

    I'm standing in this room, and it's very, very dark, themed dark grey, unlike in other dreams where it's been a sort of light daytime, where there's no particular colour. It also feel much different from other dreams, kind of like my emotions are much more real instead of a fuzzy warmth or fuzzy fear ect. It feels kind of comfortable, but kind of uncomfortable(both at the same time), like I know what is going to happen in a way. I'm washing dishes in the sink of the girl I said about before, it's like someone's taken out the work surface of her kitchen and put it there, but like a mirror version(in reverse). The whole rest of the room is dark grey, and I can't really see anything else, Like it's night and there's light coming through an unclear window on the cealing(though there's no window). I can se her and the sink well enough though. She's standing to my right and we're quiet for a while. I'm looking at the sink, washing the dishes, when suddely she starts talking to me.(I can't rememeber the exact wroding, but it went something like this)

    "Hey, Alice..." All thw while I think I -know- what she is going to end up telling me, not so much the words, but the message. And I'm thinking, but I can't, it just won't work, I'll just hurt you.

    "We should get together again, and you can protect me, and we can be together and you can make me happy, and then you can hurt me and f_ck me up some more, because that's what you want isn't it....It's good for me isn't it?..." (she gives one of those not quite disgusted with themself 'doesn't care any more' kind of laughs almost sickly sweet) The odd thing is is that I'd kinda thought something ot the same words, but she's actually talking almost in my voice when she laughs, but then it fades back to her normal shy self. That kinda took me by surprise, It's like I'm saying it through her, but in the wrong person, but not it's so not like her. I know exactly what's comeing. She mumbles on a bit, before:

    "Alice I...I love you..." All the while I'm smiling sadly/scared and washing the dishes, trying to look at them instead of her, every now and then mumbling, but I can't, I'll just hurt you, and I'm scared.

    We're then in a sort of bedroom, her on the bunk underneath, me on the bunk above, with similar lighting/colouring, only a little darker. Her sister(same age) and our other friend are laid out on beds on the diagonal facing twards eachother, like we're a triangle without the corners. Her sister says something and they're reaching out their hands to her, but I take hers very possesivley and pull it away from there's, but it's dark and I'm the only one who knows that she is not reaching their hands for reason other than the darkness. I feel vulnerable and sad/scared like in the kitchen, but there's also this apathy and possesive(not conciousley selfish or jelous, just like a kind of ' she's mine, I can do with her what I wish'), and I take her hand, not sure why.

    It's not so much the content that I'm wondering about, it's more the fact I NEVER used to focus on colour or feeling in this way AT ALL before, and since my third last, they've all been becoming more and more like this. As though it's a kind of premonition it's so dreamily realler (though not utterly) than normal.

    The other three were about me and off spring, and that same girl getting rapped and me seeing her die.

    I've had quite a few dreams focusing on this particular person, nearly all of which contain her dying, being raped, or abused/beaten up in some way. (My mum was similar when she was in her teens..still is now I come to think about it).

    In short:

    What does it mean if you've never focused on colours before in dreams, but then dark/light grey and blue becomes a foucus in several.

    What does it mean if dreams start 'feeling' much different to how they used to, much more like the emotions are mine, rather than a dreamy fuzz.

    What does washing dishes signify? (Sounds strange, but there was something about that part which seemed really 'strong'...I can't describe it in any other way...)

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 15 ENGLAND

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Female

    Re: Washing dishes

    Hi Alice

    How are you It sounds like your dream left you with quite powerfull feelings afterwards, wheather they are emotional feelings or/and a feeling of really clear imagery that in some way has left an impression on your being, your perception of life.

    Colour in dreams represent many different aspects of our emotional and mental nature, Grey does suggest the greyness of the feelings to the situation that you are in at the moment, and possibly relates to depressed feelings, feelings of sadness or hopelessness.

    What are dreams made of what is their substance? when we are within our dream the content is real to our perception within the dream, as you read this take a moment to just focus your awareness or recall the memory of washing the dishes in the dream, let yourself go with the intensity that this conjures up in you, washing these dishs may signify that these are the feelings you are cleansing in yourself right now your cleaning your emotional body, I get the sense here from the way you described this perception of washing dishs that you are working on the emotional/astral level of your being with some deep feelings that are real for you and this is a very healing dream, by recalling this imagery even if it overwhelms you just go with the feelings let them wash through, Crying is a way we release our feelings, it leaves us with peace of mind afterwards so dont be to hard on yourself for whatver has happened, its ok .

    The substance dreams are made of is of an astral material, and is a level of our beings that is different from the physical in material and feel. When we dream our ego perception is retracted from our physical material world and focuses on the astral material plane, when we have been quite awake on this plane we bring back to our waking life some feeling that is not usual to our 'normal' dreams and in some cases can even leave us feeling a little bewildered, like something more happened than it just being a dream, It is also a place where we recieve much help and guidance, help of a higher loving nature.

    Its a real good dream And I wish you well

    Many blessings Marce

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 34 uk

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    Re: Washing dishes

    Thanks, it's actually a real reliefe to hear that.

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 15 England

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Female

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