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    Psychopath in my parents house,nobody calls the police

    Hi;I had a dream last night and Would like to hear your ideas about it. It probably has something to say about my recent temporal (or definite) separation from my boyfriend and strong inner crisis because of that.
    I am in the house of my parents and a about fifty year old man wants to kill a little girl. He is a psychopath but nobody seems to notice.I try to protect the girl so he focuses in me and wants to kill me.I behave very seductively with him trying to please him to gain time to get some help or make somebody call the police.I tell one of the many people (I don’t know them )in the house to call the police in a low voice so that the man wouldn’t notice. But nobody calls the police or doesn’t seem to bother.My real father is sleeping on the sofa,my mother doesn’t notice that the girl and I are in danger and the others seem not to care. I also think that if the police comes ,they won’t believe that this man is a killer because he is not in the act of killing me as I am sort of enticing him to keep him at bay and for this reason he seems harmless. I feel quite helpless trying to handle the situation and also feel a strange attraction(sexual?)to the man. Sort of dark, maybe a bit masochistic style. Like surrendering to his whims. Maybe like a victim to a vampire bite? He is an older mature man, not at all the type of guys I use to go out in real life. And he seems to be tranquil for this reason nobody is aware of who he really is. He has a rope to strangle me or hang me in his hand but also other things to bring the killing about. I wake up.

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 46,spain

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} female

    How Did You Find the Dream Forum? yes

    Re: Psychopath in my parents house,nobody calls the police

    I think you are doing you best to defend this innocent part of you but you may be doing it in a way that is compromising your emotional well being. The fact that their is this attraction to a mad man seems to acknowledge that you are attracted to the worng type of male, and therefore are endagering the innocence in you by not acknowledging this aspect of you. THose are the people around you that don't seem to care or know enough to help.
    YOur parents being in the dream seems to hint that the causes for this behaviour have to do with the dynamics of your home life and your relationship with your parents.

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 42

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} male

    How Did You Find the Dream Forum? no

    Re: Psychopath in my parents house,nobody calls the police

    Thanks Carlos for answering.Yes,that could be an interpretation.Marce I would like to have your opinion too,as you have interpreted so many of my dreams. Best wishes Margit

    Re: Psychopath in my parents house,nobody calls the police

    To continue our discussion from the the spanish princess and my shoes dream post. The language from that dream describing the community in which you lived when you were younger, along with the language in this dream 'in the house of my wants to kill a little girl' is possibly addressing unresolved childhood issues. Very often the inclusion of such references in a dream is an attempt by the dream to focus on the underlying causation of behavior patterns in adulthood. As long as they remain unresolved these images will come up in your dreams. And the imprinting of those experiences carry over into adulthood where they can have strong influences on how one acts and reacts.

    Who could be this unknown 50 year old man in this dream? He could merely be symbolic of a lesser evil {something not traumatic} or symbolic of your own masculine attitudes. But the likelihood that he is someone you actually know/knew is also real.
    Let's look at the possibility that he is a real person.
    'nobody seems to notice'. This may represent experiences you suffered at the hands of this man and no one in your family knew or cared.
    'I behave very seductively with him trying to please him'. As a child I doubt that you would use this type behavior {it is a possibility} so let's look at behavior patterns in your present adulthood life. Have you used, or do you use such 'seductive'? What was your younger years like, in terms of sex as a tool to get what you wanted/needed?
    In the dream you father is asleep and your mother doesn't notice. Does that bring back memories of true experiences as a child {you did mention the negative interactions with your father}.
    'if the police comes ,they won’t believe that this man is a killer'. That statement is something a child may think when in a situation where no one would believe the conditions that are in fact real.

    The rest of the dream gets into details of this unknown man. Who does the description fit, someone in your life when you were a child? The killing part would not be an actual murder but a 'killing' of innocence perhaps. This would be the crux of what the dream is trying to convey.

    Look at these possibilities and determine if they have any validity. If not we have eliminated that aspect. But dreams with such language, especially when it is repeated in dream after dream is often pointing to childhood experiences. And those experiences more likely have a bearing on who you are, how you act and feel in the present. You mat well include these type of men in your life as an adult, imitating unconscious experiences from childhood.

    Let me interject some of my own personal experiences as a child that greatly influenced my adult life. My father abandoned my mother and four children when I was 5 or 6 years old. We lived in relative poverty up until I was a teen. The experiences I suffered as a child because of my life conditions, as well as not having that loving father figure in my life greatly influenced my actions when I was in my twenties. 'looking for love in all the wrong places', although I had much love in my life {married to my son's mother}. I have given this great thought over the past 15 years since I began my journey for wholeness {the hero thing} and I know as a fact those childhood years had a great influence on my actions in adulthood. Our dreams will focus on such experiences until they are resolved.

    Let me know your thoughts about this possibility in your life, the childhood experiences and the possible influences they have on you in the present. As with my life the childhood experiences 'unconsciously' influenced my actions as a young adult. That empty feeling I had throughout those early adult years were partially caused by these past experiences. And I am not alone, this happens all the time with men and women.
    What about you? Do you recognize behavior patterns that might be related to past childhood experiences?


    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 57 Murfreesboro, Tn.

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Male

    How Did You Find the Dream Forum? Yes

    Re: Psychopath in my parents house,nobody calls the police

    Hi margit

    In light of your recent dreams and recent situation, it seems that this may have stirred up some potentially volitile energy within you 'the psychopath' though you are attempting to keep it at bay, 'behaving seductively trying to please him, while this can be literal to some part of your behaviour in your waking life, possibly around men or situations you feel threatened by, it more so implies how you are dealing with this energy in self.

    The psychopath, the want to kill the little girl within seems like some very destrutive impulse within that is self directed, that is your own deeply held want to brutalise the way you feel, your inner child self, I get the sense there seems to be some playof happening within between your want to be self destructive and your need to work this out, To put it another way im wandering if your caught up between digressing into some form of behaviour that will be destrutive ulitimatly to your self and wanting to draw on those attitudes that will protect you and serve you in some way.

    Police generally represent forms of behaviour or attitudes that will in some way protect and serve the individual, and whilst your calling on these aspects in self, its like your doing so in a fashion where your stepping on eggshells in your attempt at the same time to keep this more potentially volitile impulse in self at bay, that one that can be very destuctive to the feelings your currently experiencing right now, stamping all over them, Having just seperated within your relationship, I would imagine your feeling quite vulnerable right now, and it is at these times that these feelings can turn into feelings of rage, at any moment, and its this conflict that I get a sense is what is happening within.

    As children growing up it is during these times that we are most vulnerable in life and if not having the nurturing in a positve environment we can quite easily turn against ourselves especially if this is a pattern also held by our parents, Your parents in the dream likley represent both your now own internalised mother and father, that is their actions towards you when growing up beocme someway internalised and here symbollically represent your experiences of not being able to call on their support in your times of feeling most vulnerable, did they not hear your crys as a child, not to say they were bad parents either but through the eyes of the child it may be that when dealing with awkward or painful feelings you had no where or one to turn to, so you turned within, possibly in a way where you mirrored your external response to your vulnerable feelings as a child by disregarding them in a similar fashion 'psychopath symbology' which is a very mature or old attitude in self.

    Watching how children play with their toys or dolls often shows a lot about how they relate most intimately to their selves as well in the same fashion that is how they relate inwardly becomes dispalyed in the forms of behaviour they act out in relation to their toys. this form of relationship we go onto develop with our peers, and then in our adult relationships in life.

    The sense of your sexual attraction to this form of behaviour the psychopath reflects your own attraction in some kind of masochist way to do self harm not in a physical way but to strangle yourself over this, to strangle the deep moving feelings you have within you, and the deep sense of vulnerabliity that courses through you. The killing methodology seems to relate in some way to the throat and it is this that is being attacked or is vulnerable here your self expression, Im just wandering how your most inner feelings were related to as a child?

    Overall your dream seems to suggest this urge in self and how your managing it, you are protecting yourself here and at the same time warding of the urges to do harm to you, your self, to turn this around on you to make you the bad person, as tempting as it is 'sexual attraction'. It also suggests that now is the time to start rebuilding the way you relate to yourself, becoming your own good parent, reparenting as its called, there is a wonderful site on the web which holds lots of delicious information on working with your innerchild, and starting to develop a more loving relationship towards your self I will dig it out when I have time.

    Peace to you Marce

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 34

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} m

    Re: Psychopath in my parents house,nobody calls the police

    Hi margit

    Heres the link for the website I mentioned

    Scroll down half way and on the left hand side theres a menu of links under the heading the process work, reading through these thay are written really well even if the site does not appear well laid out.

    Theres also much other good reading!

    Ive also noticed your previous post in the princess about synchronicity, it all has a tune, which im sure you can see, this dream seems to reflect the next phase of getting to the bottom of some core issues within, and only our outer lives can take us into these experiences, Reading your comments to Gerrard may of been both a matter of perfect timing to help you see part of the bigger picture and a reflection of the patterns involved, which this dream parrallels.

    Good luck Marce

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 34

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} m

    Re: Psychopath in my parents house,nobody calls the police

    Hi Gerardand Marce,thanks for answering.
    I have no conscious memory of childhood sexual abuse,but there could be some issues with psychic incest from the side of my father.I have read some short references in books about that,but never really got a clear picture about what a psychic incest consists of.So I don't think the psychopath is a real person from my childhood altough it could be the negative side of my father and the internalized negative animus.When I was young and married to my ex(father of my 4 kids), I had many recurrent dreams of the typical negative animus(gansters,murderes etc)chasing,killing etc me.At that time I couldn't express my anger and repressed it and my husband, who was a good hook for my violent shadow, expressed the violence uncontrolledly many times.It has been a long time since I had that kind of murderous man dream.What is funny about the dream is that I recognized my sort of regression to a teenie girl state sometimes when my boyfirend gets angry and I start to behave like the dream ego to "seduce" him in liking me and not "attacking" me instead of confronting the anger in a more adult way.
    The killing part could be that my inner child/self also feels at the point of being strangled because these last few days I realized what my earlier dreams were showing me:that I don't feel very well in the relationship and now see what a lack of space I also suffered and how many things I have to sacrifice to adapt to my boyfriend(which he is not aware of).Up to now I was the contained person and he the container,the one who needed more space and I the one who needed more intimacy.
    The psychpopath could be both: My feeling of being strangled by his (hidden )way of cutting off my wings/joyful / feeling side while proclaiming that he is the trapped person .And as well my own negative animus who strangles my feeling/joyful,playful self side and maybe also manifests stangling him(what I also do with my possessiveness due to fear of abandonment).
    Marce,besides,what i just explained related to Gerards post,I also feel that most of the things you say are true.I reflected a lot these days and can see how I"strangle" my innermost needs becuase I want to"be loved" and how I just get the opposite.I have no news from my boyfriend but thanks to these dreams(and yours,Carlos' and Gerard's help) the strength to remain quiet/still/being with myself and not to phone him and interrupt the process of clarifiying his own feelings:I don't know what will happen but suddenly I can see the meaning of all these recent dreams:
    1.being abandonned alone in the woods,not able to connect to my partner by phone
    2.the murdered man dream(my own male energy buried and the fear of loosing everything becuase of my crime).
    3.the dream about being sick and cold in the mountains and he not missing me.
    4.the new house dreams
    5.the spanish princess boyfriend's own dream about the tiger and the snake.
    and all the others
    There is a suffering and a transformation going on,and in spite of the heartbroken feeling I have at the moment,there is also a surprising new strength emerging at the same time(the spanish princess quality?).I can see that this time while we are repeating the pattern of" he walking out/me abandonned "I feel a new way of being in the situation.Maybe the psychopath is also my old way of behaviour and reacting which would be murderous to the new emerging being(the child in the dream).Succumbing to the psychopath would mean repeating just the strangling murderous old unconscious painful circle.
    Peace Margit

    Re: Psychopath in my parents house,nobody calls the police

    Yay good for you Margit

    Thank you for sharing all your past dreams i have learnt much myself, not just about dreams but more about myself, and your recent request has prompted me to rediscover the site and the material I mentioned above in which I took down a lot of ideas from to put together a presentation moons ago

    And as always its just what im needing right now, and is very confirming in a lot of what we have been talking in previous discussions.

    The one quote that caught my eye in what ive just been reading and will just highlight it here -
    "We formed our core relationship with ourself and with life in early childhood based on the messages we got" "it is important to start awakening to the truth that there is nothing inherentlywrong with our being, it is our relationship with ourself that is dysfunctional"

    describes much about the masculine in relation to our own innerbeing the feminine, these forms of behaviour are governed by how we were treated when growing up, the conscious and unconscious messages we recieved from both our parents and peers.

    The masculine is inherent within the macrocosm of this time and in our personal ancestory line which we are all responsible at this time for healing. until now your dreams have not brought into play your relatiuonship with your parents alebeit in an indirect way, ie all men in dreams that reflect forms of behaviour and action relates to how the the masculine of both the father and mother has impacted on the individuals personal relationship to their inner beings.

    However this dream now has taken place within the settin of your parents house and suggests that how the masculine behaviour/attitude of your parents most likely your father has been internalised in some way. The psychopath energy then as you said - "I don't think the psychopath is a real person from my childhood altough it could be the negative side of my father and the internalized negative animus."

    and seems to be exactly what your dream is intimating. Im just wandering and am throwing it up for another angle to explore, that when your father asked you to leave, this sense of rejection of your inner being may have become internalised in such a way that this is the pattern that is still unresolved now and is playing itself out in your realtionships when in one and when not is showing you more intimatly how you are really in reationship, thoughthis will attract ultimately those men into your life that will help you to see this.

    Youve pretty much said all of this and it is my guess now that your dreams will continue to go deeper into these specific patterns that were created long ago.

    Again thankyou for being so open it really has helped me a lot and helped me realise much about my own patterns and relationships.

    All the best Marce

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 34 uk

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