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    re-occurring dream of bad teeth

    I had yet another dream of bad teeth, (I'm thinking this is like the 3rd or 4th one in the last several months.) While I cannot remember the details that surround the other ones, what they all have in common is the fact that in the dream, I have at least 3 teeth that just crumble away. And I am spitting the pieces out into my hands. I can then run my tongue along the jagged edges that are left. In this one, however, I was trying to put a capped tooth back in place. I could see there was a pattern set on the base of the tooth in my mouth to place what was left of the cap on. When I set it in, I could actually see my gums fit itself back around it, I remember thinking that I just didn't have the money to get them fixed anytime soon, so how am I supposed to explain that to my boyfriend. The rest of the dream was a nice one, I had been dreaming about babysitting my great-nephew, and enjoying it. At one point I went to check on him, and had found that my father, (who is passed), had laid him down for a nap in his bed. (we had alaways put the sleeping babies in my parents bed, surrounded by pillows). It was when I turned to say thank-you to my father, that my teeth just crumbled, and I spit them into my hands. I am not sure, but I think I gave the pieces to him, tried to replaced the cap piece,and then just went to go fix a bottle thinking that when the baby wakes up, he will be hungry. When I came back with the bottle, I found out,(not sure how) that my nephew had already came and got the baby and took him home.
    The thought of the teeth was predominant when I woke. I realized that there may be something important in it, as I've had them before.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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    Re: re-occurring dream of bad teeth

    Hi Jennifer.

    I had the same dream about my teeth's getting sort of rotten and falling spitting them in my hands. I too was feeling my tongue on the holes it left in my mouth. I recently had one where there was something caught in my teeth. I pulled it out and it was some sort of rope kind of like roots of a tree. I kept getting more and more out. It felt really weird.

    As for your dream. If you check the dream dictionary you will notice that teeth are a very common symbol. Here are a few exemples:

    Dream symbol: teeth
    teeth, teething

    Teeth often represent decisions, therefore problems with teeth may represent long-standing indecisiveness or an inability to assimilate, analyze or make decisions about incoming data
    Losing teeth may represent an identity crisis, ugly gossip or talking too much.

    In your dream,you loose your teeth as you are about to thanks your dad. You have to ask yourself what are your feeling toward your dad and what have you said about him? Have you ever had trouble thanking your dad for something?

    We also know that teethes represents an important part of our physical attractiveness. You speak about explaining this to your BF. This could point out insecurity's about this issue. You mention money too. Are you insecure about your financial situation?

    I notice too that in your dream there is a child and your father. You want to take care of the child but your dad did it for you. Later your nephew took him home before you could give him his bottle. But all you think about are YOUR teethes? You saw your deceiced dad and what is important in this is YOUR teeths?

    Why? What does this tell you about yourself?

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    Re: re-occurring dream of bad teeth

    Thank-you for the reply.
    I did/do realize that there are other parts of the dream that can be farther looked into. I wasn't just focusing on MY teeth, per say. I was just looking at the teeth portion first, because I've dreamed of them before.
    As for my deceased father, he has come to me in dreams before. The night he passed, and came to me to offer comfort and it eased my grieving for him, because he reassured me that he was okay. My dad was a good man, and took great delight in caring for the grand-babies, and this child, would be his great-grandbaby. I saw no issue in the fact that he put the baby down for a nap, because this was typical for him to do so. My father also told me, and my brothers, how proud he was of us as parents ourselves. My daddy knows I love him, I know he still looks out for me because I can feel his presence when he is near. He KNOWS this, and I do thank him when he does.
    As for my nephew taking the baby before I can return with a bottle? That one I am not so sure about. I'm thinking that it could be because I know he and his wife are thinking about moving and buying a house. Maybe I dreamed that because it is my hope they don't move too far away.
    As far as the boyfriend, and explaining money issues, yes I do have concerns there. I have recently lost some child support because my son graduated h.s. I've been trying to figure out how to re-arrange my budget to adjust to this loss of income, but my boyfriend knows of this.
    It was because I could kinda see something in the other areas of the dream, that I did focus on MY teeth, as that was the area I could not try and decifer, which is why I posted it in the first place.
    My belief is that when one dreams, it is the mind trying to work out what the conscience mind has trouble with. It was the 'teeth' portion that has me questioning, as I can roughly explain the rest to myself. Going from the definition that you posted, I will try and work that into the other parts as well.

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    Re: re-occurring dream of bad teeth


    Could your son leaving home be a stimulus for thoughts of renewing a past interest? The dream could be about serious Self examination of long past ambition(s) you may have given over to fulfill parental/family responsibility. Was your father a determined type, would not easily give up? This may be a necessary aspect and derived from father influence. An aspect of the long past interest may involve a group of people with similar interests and/or formation of a group. Maybe seeking out others for assistance and involvement would bring an enlivening aspect to your life. You may possess natural qualities and/or are qualified and competent in this subject. This may be an invitation of the inner Self to participate in this confirming your competency thereby affording a clear and calm reentry.

    Kind regards,

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