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    A few nights ago i had the next dream:

    I'm somewhere outside in an unknown place. With me is an unknown young woman. The woman is telling 'her story'. It feels like she's not especially telling her story to me, but it more looks like the whole thing is in a setting for some kind of documentary of her meant for i'm just one of the listeners there.
    She first tells about her earlier years. When she tells about this i see her in black and white...but strange enough, she does look the same age as now in her earlier years. She tells her life was a mess back then...the feeling i get is that she was addicted (but to what?).
    Then she takes us to a building and we go inside. She tells about her life right now. How everything turned out the right way. She suddenly yells into the garden and lots of little children come running towards the building. Just outside the building there some kind of statue...a statue, which also looks like a climbing-thing for looks or gives me the idea of an anchor. She tells the children to all climb up that thing and so they do. When all their faces are pointed out in the same direction someone takes a picture of them...again something which makes me think that all of this is for kind of tv documentary.
    After this i'm walking in the garden in front of the building. With me is an unknown older woman. We talk a little about what we've seen here. Suddenly i think i understand the whole picture and i say: "Well, this woman sure made her karma turn the right way." But surprisingly enough the woman knots and says: "No, not her own karma, but she made the karma of her son turn into the right direction." I'm surprised, thinking i finally understood it all. While this woman gave me this answer i see a picture of that young womans'son...a little boy with a tainted skin...strange, because the young woman had a pale skin.

    The night after this dream i had another dream...even more, but i'd like to put only one of them was the first one of three:

    Again i'm in some unknown territory. I'm in the house of a family...parents with 2 daughters. I'm there, like only a watcher, because i'm sure that the family can't see me. Looking at their clothes it feels like i'm back in time some ages. It's like i'm watching some kind of play...scene after scene...
    At first i see the 2 daughters (puberty), wearing white dresses, with their father. I don't see any of them do anything, but i know their father abuses them in some kind of way.
    The scene changes. Now it's the father with the mother. She also wearing a white dress. I know then, he also abuses his wife.
    A next scene. The father has put his wife i a little room under ground. It looks like a room that has been digged there. The mother is sitting on a small bed. There's nothing else in the room. It's dark in there. The mother is silent and seems to just stick with her situation. But after a while she comes in action. At the end of the bed there's a fence made of (don't know how to call it in english) metal wiring. In there a spoon is stuck. The mother puts one of her fingers between the spoon and the wiring and starts to pull...n order to get the spoon loose. She pulls and pulls, harder and harder. Where she first was so silent, she now seems to want to give everything she has to get out of this situation. I know she will be going on with this pulling till even the wiring will cut into her finger.
    The scene changes again. Now the husband is together with his wife...still underground, but in a much larger space. The husband has a sword which he presses against her neck. He is very mad at her and now really is going to kill her. At the moment supreme a stranger (man) comes walking into the dark space. He is 'just' walking his dog...doesn't know of what is taking place there. Even doesn't seem to see it. His head is out of sight because of a lamp which he has all around this lamp light is burning.
    The husband is distracted by this man and gets even more upset. He walks away from his wife and goes after this stranger. It looks like he first wants to get this stranger out of the way before killing his wife...

    I've thought about these dreams myself already. Came up with some things. I don't know for sure, but i have the idea that this last dream also is about karma.

    'Spoon' in dutch is 'lepel'. At first i didn't know why the dream showed me a 'lepel', but then i thought about grammar. 'Lepel' is a palindrome...a word that can also be read backwards and still is the same.
    Then i put the meaning of palindrome next to the meaning of karma, which in some kind of way means the same...Everything you sow comes right back to you. Making some kind of a circle.
    The spoon was stuck in a fence of wiring. You can look at the wiring kind of as the 'web of life'.
    The woman is trying to get the spoon loose from the wiring she trying to loosen her karma of her through time.
    Her husband putting a sword at her neck in order to kill her. This made me think of the Sword of Damocles...something dark hanging above you in a figurative way...and isn't this how people mention karma lots of times? Only using the word karma when bad things happen to them?

    Well, i leave it with this right now. I'm very curiou what other people think of this. Maybe later i might put the other 2 following dreams here too...


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    Re: Karma

    Hi Mask

    I just glanced at your dream, and the one thing that caugt my eye, was the apparent reference you made to this dream regarding some possible karmic situation.

    My guess is that this karmic situation from the past, 'old clothing details' are beliefs and attitudes you have brought into this life time to be cleared and which are still playing out in your life in some 'fashion' Old clothes.

    The disharmony between the females and males in your dream seems to be the key to this dreams message.
    Men portray particular forms of behaviour, attitudes and beliefs we have, they represent our action and doing behaviour, Females will portray , sets of feelings, an intution, or our instinctual response/ energy to a situation.

    Bedrooms and beds are often a scene to desribe what are happening in the deeper layers of ones being, our most intiame layers, the mother sitting on the bed seems to convey that this, or there is or has been a situation regarding your own feminine nurturing energies 'mother' which has been stuck in some way, trapped in this dark place inside, almost like there has been a lack of freedom to express these qualitys within self, the gentle nurturing mother impulses within 'white dress' Thsi part of your expression has likley been blocked in some way by some self destructive, or angry energy within that has been directed towards your self in this way.

    The sword is the representation of this male dominating energy, holding at the throat, may be showing you where you are blocking your own self expression, those more gentle parts of you that you have been possibly through some fear unable to give voice to.

    As well as your suggestion with the spoon im also wandering whether the spoon is symbollic of that instrument that you feed yourself with, that is some way you are attemting in self to find free the instrumenmts in which you can feed yourself positivly rather than relying on your needs to be met by others, there is some action on your behalf to meet your own needs only as a result there is some struggle as the conflict between your own attitudes towards your more gentle nature are still very volitile that is how you are in relationship to yourself, your call here.

    However there is another part to your male energy maybe some aspect that as yet is still a little strange to you, it may even represent some form of higher thinking or more refined behaviour which you dont quite see 'strangers head out of sight' but these thoughts you have are enough to distract this own self destructive tendency if only temporary, this causes more tension in your self as, and it is just my guess that it exposes more an more this other old negative way of being, that is how you are in relationship to your more loving, nurturing qualitys, Its the mothers energy within that helps us to be gentle withourselves, when we try new things attmpt to make changes in our lives explore new avenues, when things dont appear to be going to plan, it is the quality of patientce we hold with ourselves just as a mother would be with a child, watching them grow without judgemnet.

    However it may be that some earlier formed relationship and possibly one with a male in your life quashed these loving principles in your self, possibly you learned unconsciously to disregerd those more gentle ways of being and overrode them, because of some fear that to show them would make you vulnerable in some way.

    Just some avenues to explore,
    Best to you marce

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 34 uk

    Re: Karma

    Hi Marce,

    thank you for your clear message there. When i read it the first time it kind of amazed me that i didn't see for myself in the dream all things you've written. A big part of it is true and it's something i sooo do know..
    I think i got all messed up in my thoughts because of my own mentioning of the word karma in the first dream...trying to dig in the dream too deep.
    Maybe the word karma can even be turned around literally: dutch 'kar' is something like 'wagon/car'...'ma' is 'mum'...Maybe the word karma can be used as 'let mum ride the car'...Get 'mum' at the steering wheel...let the feminine side get in the front seat...also according to mum being the nurturing one...the spoon...Let mum (intuition) be the one who nurtures...don't try to nurture as in: don't try to let myself get fed by the outer world too much.

    A few nights ago i dreamed that i was sitting in front of a mirror (-table) and i was combing my hair. The mirror stood in front of a building which in my dreamthoughts (and in rl) was a school for little kids, but it looked like three houses in a row.
    I was combing and combing, while thinking that i was doing something wrong. It felt like i was using the wrong comb...the comb which felt like it was owned by the person living in the middle house.
    After this i stood up and walked through the street, carrying a young tainted (i'm not tainted) boy in my arms. In the dream he was my son and i really loved him like i was really a mother (don't have children in rl).
    I was on my way to a bakery, which was run by arabic people. On my there i saw that the street was all lying open, because they we're going to renew the watering systems.

    Renewing the watering system: could mean that i have to explore new ways to stream my emotions...maybe that's where 'mum' (feeling/intuition) comes in play.
    Me carrying the tainted young he was the same tainted boy in that 'karma-dream'. Sitting in front of the school also remembered me of the 'karma-dream'...where that woman with the tainted son seem to have turned her karma into the right direction by taking care of all those kids, but where the old woman told me that in fact she had turned the karma of her son in the right direction by doing that job.

    But then the question...who's is the tainted son?
    Tainted maybe because of something unknown, yet to be explored?
    A son/male kid...maybe from the turning point (karma turning point in the dream used as more symbolic), where mum is starting to drive the car herself, the son might be a symbol of the male inside of me...i've to take care of it...start to nurture my male side as if 'he' was just born and try to nurture it more from the inside of me.

    Thanks again!

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