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he meets another girl

last night I had the following dream:
My close woman friend from the shop phoned me and told me that mt boyfriend was sitting inthe street cafe next to her shop and was kissing with a girl.I asked her if she knew her,she didn't.It seemed to be a new girl who just arrived at the community where he lives.
(in real life she phoned me and told me that she saw him sitting there all alone,which produced a certain satisfaction in me that maybe he is starting to miss me and realizing that he is better off with me.I know this is not a very noble feeling,but I felt very much hurt and despised by him.
After all this desesperation because we split up temporally(definitely?) and felt terribly abandonned last week,I am starting to feel whole on my own and more independent,sort of recovering my life which sort of turned all around him.

Then the dream continued:I went to the community where he lives and I also sometimes work as a translator and the secretary told somebody something and she said yes and XXX(my boyfriend's name)and his girlfriend(referring to this new girl).Then she suddenly realized that I was there and overheard it and it was very embarrassing.She didn't want me to know.So I asked her and she confessed that he is going out with this girl.I didn't see her in the dream.I felt very bad and neglected,cheated and woke up horribly sad.

What does this mean?I cannot understand how my unconscious is so "cruel",now that I am getting better to send me such a disturbing dream.Is it my own fear?But this is strange after feeling reassured that he was at the street cafe alone.He also told me that there is no other woman when we split up.
As when I reread my dreams from the last months I find them quite prophetic, I feel a bit worried that he will move on to another relationship and leave me definitely.Maybe I am afraid thaT he is not able to stand the loneliness, as I am now told him I want to be on my own too for some months and am quite happy on my own.
I don't feel that I should take this dream as inner figures in myself becuase the situation is very agitated and too intense for my boyfriend being my own male energy now.But maybe I am mistaken...feel quite mixed up and need some ideas.thanks a lot for helping margit

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