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    A dragonfly

    I am hoping to find someone more knowledgeable about dreams than I.

    Last night, I had a dream that I was talking outside with my husband and while talking about boring everyday stuff a dragonfly landed on my hand. In the dream, I study the dragonfly with an amount of awe that it just landed on my hand. The next morning, I step outside for just a moment and as soon as I walk out my door, a dragonfly lands on my hand!!

    Help in figuring this one out?


    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 27 , Lone Rock Wisconsin

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    Re: A dragonfly

    The dragonfly dream may be suggesting to pay more close attenion to whats happening in your life right now, The awareness you developed in the dream and the energy of observing the dragonfly with awe, seems to be waking you upto the idea that there is so much beauty in our evryday world, and when penetrated in such a way the divine messaging within our natural world can be seen.

    Not everything is as mundane and 'boring' as what it appears to be even the everyday stuff, when payiing close attention, a greter beauty unravels, within this beauty its almost this beauty is a vehicle itself to carry a more refined energy, sense of seeing things, its not laden with the boring or mundane, but its all a matter of adjusting ones inner perception of whats around us.

    Your dream suggests that this was healing to you in some way and my guess is has left an impression on you, the waking reality of the dragon fly landing on your hand is no coincidence and seems to reflect this inate intelligence at play with in the beauty of the natural world.

    Pay close attention to your waking and dreaming life and it may bring you many just rewards, smiles

    Best to you Marce

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 34 uk

    Re: A dragonfly

    To add to Kathy's insightful interpretation.
    Exactly what it means is hard to say. And it may take some time and thought to discover/understand its importance. But it could very well have importance to your life.
    One word comes to mind. That word is Synchronicity.

    Let's look at the dream. On the 'outside' you are discussing 'everyday stuff', with your husband {I'll address that aspect later}. If wee look at the possibilities to the meaning of the dragonfly we have these offerings:

    1. Creating an illusion or fantasizing
    2. Being deluded or deceived
    3. Being attuned to the elements and in harmony with creation

    Having a dragonfly land on your hand may be speaking to an ability to recognize or perform a task {hand=ability}. There may be some aspects of your life that is an illusion, something that may be deceptive. Perhaps it has to with harmony in your life and you have yet to recognize or accept certain aspects that have been deceptive or illusionary.

    As for your husband inclusion in the dream. His inclusion may be irrelevant. On the other hand he may be part of the process. That is something for you to determine.

    What does it mean to have an actual dragonfly land on your hand, after having such a dream? If synchronicity is to be considered as truth {this is one of Jung's more controversial conclusions} then the whole event {dream and dragonfly} may be pointing to possible life changing events. And it may rely on your wanting to comply with the forces of nature {harmony with creation} that determines your future.

    In the dream you are talking about boring, everyday stuff. Has there been something in your life that promises more than just boring, everyday stuff? Has there been possible opportunities, especially on the creative aspect that may have bearing in your life, and the subject of the dream? Instead of focusing on the outside perhaps you need to look to the inside for the answers {creativity, personal growth, spirituality}.
    It may have been a mere coincidence, the dream and the dragonfly. But as a Jungian I take such things more seriously, with a greater possibility of having some real meaning, and consequences.

    Are you seeking something more in life than the mundane, everyday stuff? If not for the dragonfly actually landing on your hand then the dream would be reflecting 'normal' desires. But this event, I see it as something to give real attention to. It could very well be life transforming. One dragonfly in the hand, one life changing chance to be 'all you can be'. That is what nature wishes us all.


    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 57 Murfreesboro, Tn.

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    Re: Re: A dragonfly

    hi amie,
    my own personal take on this is based on similar synchronistic experiences,
    what i feel most humans are looking for is as joe campbell said,an experience of being alive,
    in touch with something greater than ourselves,
    the magic of existence is something that we all need to re-connect with ,
    i believe there is in a transpersonal/trancendent aspect to our psyche and through dreams especially this can become known to us,
    it is possible therefore that this dream and subsequent meaningful coincidence with the dragonfly, are to break you out of a particular mode of life or thought,the mundane,
    it is worth concidering,what if!

    regards steve

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 51-uk

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