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    camel, school teacher, in a movie theater, and my missing car.


    I was at a movie theater sitting in the front row in the middle of the row. There was a middle age lady on my left, and I duid not think to even look to my right. There was a baby camel on my left about one seat away from me, just laying on its legs and belly. Some demonstration was going to take place that had to do with the camel.

    One row over to the left of the lady on y left was the person, or one of them, that was supposed to perform the demonstration. As the theater filled with people waited for him to start the demonstration on the stage, he got up and did something witht the camel. I don't rememeber what it was, but it caused the camel to slobber saliva on me. I was not very upset about it.

    Next the demonstrator walked away and another person came. It was a school teacher. He was a man maybe in his late 20's. HE had a mischevious look on his face. He sat in the seat that the demonstrator had been in, and reached over with his left hand over to baby camels back and petted him just before the hind quarters, on the camel's right side. He mischeviously positioned the camel so that its rear end was pointed right at me.

    I knew what was coming so I ducked in my seat by leaning to my right and facing away from the camel's rear end. I kind of laughed in disbelief as I couldn't believe what would occur. Then I felt some liquid, filled with clumps of something,hit the left side of my face and shoulder. Although it was white in color, I knew it was feces.

    At first I laughed in disbelief and because I didn't know what else to do. The whole theater also broke out in laughter. I got up and wlaked up the aisle to the area outside the theater to look for a restroom to clean up at. I realized that the clean up was going to be very difficult. I also started to feel like I had been humiliated. I became angry and headed back to the theater to fight the mischevious school teacher.
    when I reached the entrance of the theater I had been in there were 2 security guards who knew what I planned on doing because I was visibly upset. They did not let me in the theater. As I was asking them to let me in, I see the school teacher, trying to get back in the theater too. He may have gone to the bathroom or something and was now thrying to get back in. I went up to him and angrily said a few things and I think I hit him or shoved him a few times. He was taken away from me and hidden. I looked for him. I felt he was being protected by layers of adminitrators, and I felt that he would be in some trouble for what he did. Despoite that I was still angry and wanted to fight him and hurt him. I think he was told to leave the theater.

    I then decided to leave as well. When leaving I realized that the parking lot administrators needed to move some cars and mine was among them. I could not find my car. I looked for a while and rememeber thinking that if I don't find it, it may get ticketed in the morning. Despite that, I left it there. I wanted to go home.

    I got on an elevated subway train and stared off through the train window as the train headed away from the theater and away from the parking lot. I was alone in the train, sad, tired and upset.

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 42

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} male

    How Did You Find the Dream Forum? yes

    Re: camel, school teacher, in a movie theater, and my missing car.

    Hi carlos

    Just to offer a few thougts - Movie houses tend to imply that you are being shown something that is happening within yourself which rather than understand or acknowledge that a particular form of behaviour, attitude or a way of feeling comes from your own 'within', you instead tend to 'project' this way of being onto others.

    The middle age lad on your left may intimate that there is an intuition of the dynamics of this proceess in self as does looking over to the left, or she may represent that possibly a particular way of feeling is at the heart of what you are choosing to disown 'project' and its this that your attention is being drawn too.

    Camels may represent a certain harbouring of feelings, or going without water for many days may reflect some sort of emotonal detachment or denial. Laying on its legs and belly seems to imply that there is a need to ground these feelings that is not only to bring them into your conscious awareness but into your bodily awareness, our physical bodys are the vessel through which we feel our feelings, when we are on the 'ground' we are able to process them letting them move through us and gaining conscious understanding and acceptance of them in the process, this is the uniting of the masculine nd feminine.

    The demonstration however shows how your consciouss mind 'demonstator' is interacting currently with the feelings you hold within, and is likley intimating the way you project what you feel inside onto others, 'up on stage' choosing only to see this in others. Your statement indicates that this interaction and way of projecting helps you to not feel upset about what is happening even though there is slobber on you, looking more at the underlying feeling at this point when the camel slobbered on you may help to identify any unconcious reaction you had here.

    The school teacher represents an form of higher knowledge in self and likley is showing you what it is that you need to know right now, this is a process of learning that your going through, and also takes the seat of how you interact with your self at the feeling level, or more specifically a set of feelings that you are holding onto in some way, it being a baby camel in this case may reflect the potential that by holding these feelings in has resulted in a lack of growth in this particular area of your life, and again is what the dream is helping you to release.

    The feaces is a kind of letting go, and may be showing you where recently you have expressed your self emotionally in some way, knowing what was to come your response here was to evade this in some way, laughing in disbelief may indicate the fact that you are not consciously as yet letting it sink in the full gravity of this situation, again its almost like a way of keeping at arms lenght what has just happened in shock so to say, and the audience reflect probably other attitudes and form s of behaviour in you that react to this situation with light heartedness or not taking seriously what is happening within you.

    Cleaning up in a rest room indicates that you are working more with what is happening within at an emotional level, though you acknowledge there is going to be some difficulty, an there are many reaction to this way of feeling, humiliation, which may also indicate the general underlying feeling that you are working with humiliation and anger. The masculine enery of the school teacher also seems to reflect potentially a form of behaviour or attitude that you carry unconsciously and may show you some ways that you interact with people, possibly by bringing an edge to your actions that put others down, even if only in an unconscious way.

    Father son relationship comes to mind here when the father has alllways been a force that has been sarchastic with the child or domineering in some way an underlying sense of humiliation starts to pervade the child so much so that it becomes part of this emotional makeup, this humiliation often comes when the vulnerable feelings of the child are not readily accepted or acknowledged by the father and the unconcious message the child picks up is to disregard his feeling vulnerable feeling self in the same way. This later in life translates to interacting with the feminine feeling self in others in the same way, impatience or disregard for others vulnerable feelings is a projection of what is happening within.

    The interaction between the school teacher the camel and your dream ego seems to highlight this fact and your dream is showing you how you project this form of behaviour outwardly onto others, though i may be totally of key.

    You are now looking for this form of behaviour in self as you are now aware of how it is impacting on you, and it is showing how it is upsetting you, its like you know what your doing and want to cleanse this part 'hes gone to the bathroom' however your reaction here is to become angry for this behaviur/attitude you carry and even beat your self up over 'hit and shoved him'.

    the next part of your dream seems to imply that you are looking for him and how this trait is doing harm to you in some way but as you try to oust out this form of behaviour it seems like it is hidden buy other principals within that govern your psyche, 'the admiistrators' and which could serve a way of you having protected yourself, they most likley represent a certain denial to this form of behaviour as well a way that you know its there intuitivly but cant seem to access consciously which is what this dream is giving you the oppurtunity to do.

    Wanting to go home after this refers to that this has been a long day/night mentally and enmotionally that is this pattern or dynamic in self has left you feeling or leaves you feeling sad tired and upset, and your sense is to go home, home to your centre your heart centre, for it is within our hearts that we are centred and aware, this is the point where we connect to a higher way of being in in ourselves. This dynamic seems to be a process of lerning you are going through and though not a particular pleasent one one that does hold riches at the end.

    We are all currently working at the level of the masculine, forms of behaviour and attitude at this time finding new ways to interact with others which is first and foremost an expression and projection of how we interact withourselves.

    These are just my thoughts I hope they help a little

    Best of luck to you Marce

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 34 uk

    Re: camel, school teacher, in a movie theater, and my missing car.

    Excellent marce,
    Funny you should see the "projection" aspect in this dream, cause although I didn't see it in the dream, when I ran into it, in my readings, I took special note of it, and began applying it in my life in a very practical way. Isn't the sub great?

    You brought a few other things to my attention that I missed in my own interpretation of my own dream. I didn't post my ideas cause I didn't want to effect the interpretation of others.

    I definitely did not see the avoidance or the denial in the dream. I also missed the deeper insight about the father son relationship, which is accurate to a good extent. My father was an excessively stoic and regimented individual.

    I also was not able to quite put a finger on exactly what feces could have been. However, you are very right. I did vent a lot of emotions in, maybe, the last 6 months. And, I am still trying to grasp the full extent of the consequences of this venting. IT has definitely caused a lot of change in my life, but along with the negative consequences, I have achieved a bit more peace in my life for now.

    And yes, I can be tough on myself at times and this causes me a lot of anguish as I sometimes do it unnecessarily, as I almost did this past Friday.

    I have also been working on taking the edge off of my character, and how I relate to people. This I also realized intuitively after the dream, although I did not see it in my interp.. Here is where I think most of my denial lies, as I really never realized so clearly that I have an edge to my character and how I treat others.

    I had initially written more in response to your interp. but my comp. crashed and it was lost.

    I wonder what do you think of the school teacher being in part a trickster?

    Also what about the parking lot and losing my car?

    I had some trouble in real life, with the parking lot where I kept my car. THey damaged my car and deneid it, and it cost me about $900 USD to fix it. I stopped using their services as a result. that was also part of the venting I did in the last 6 months. I think that that event have become grist for the mill in my sub., and a deeper meaning is there to be had.

    Thank you for your help, Marce.

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 42

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    How Did You Find the Dream Forum? yes

    Re: camel, school teacher, in a movie theater, and my missing car.

    Well in the dream there is a sense of ridicule and humiliation. Simply try to find the source of such thoughts . The dream is connected with someone who is demonstarting and so perhasps someone who believes that they have superior knowledge. In trhe dream you are easy going for a little while but then realise that you are actually the butt of the joke.

    we often face situations where people take the mickey out of us but. Thwere is a level where this is acceptable and even a sign of freinjdliness. But when your staring down a camels backside and about to get wahts cvoming then you start to realise that this is not humour and is actually just sonmeone overstepping the mark.

    Dream dictionary

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 36 scarborough

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    Re: camel, school teacher, in a movie theater, and my missing car.


    I think I know who. I am better off letting my administartors help me cope.

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 42

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    Re: camel, school teacher, in a movie theater, and my missing car.

    Hi carlos thanks for your reply

    I did wander as well, about the double edge sword of the school teacher particularley, as his role is to both show you or point to some dynamic within and to actually mirror the dynamic 'form of behaviour', specifically in relation to held feelings.

    Its funny how sometimes events in our personal lives coincide with events in our dreams or the other way round, some would say that this is of a cause and effect nature, though I tend to see this from a more metaphysical view point of how our external world manifests to reflect events symbollically within, those situations and people we 'choose' to attract into our lives come with purpose and happen in a way that vibrate with our own personal 'within'. So it is no coincidence of having manifested some circumstance with your car and the parking lot.

    What did this situation mean for you symbollically? what were the deeper implications of this incident, various situations usually happen as a means of triggering some deeply held pattern that was established earlier on in our lives usually within relationships formed with our parents. the anger you felt in the dream was it a similar sense of how you were being treated by the parking lot owners who denied damaging your car?

    What was it about their denying of damaging your car that made you so angry what was the feelings behind the anger, anger is a secondary emotion to any situation where we feel maybe not heard, not listened to, taken advantage of, ridiculed, etc

    Taking the energy now of how you think these people treated you and their behaviour and looking for a projection here of some kind, it must of been very frustrating to have to deal with these people, but more often than not the people that we attract into our lives that frustrate us turn out to be our biggest shadow and teacher you could say. Its this we are most in conflict with, when seen from this point of view, this is the moment when magic happens as we are able to take responsibility for the situation at hand and own our own shadow behaviour.

    The shadow masculine behaviour here at play that your unconsciosness is drawing to you by manifesting events in your external life is a means wherby you can become more aquainted with the deeper workings of your own self.

    The shadow heere further may have been developed from the unconsciouss messages you picked up from your own father, and this is just an example there could be a whole host of avenues to explore intuitivly just go with feels right to you, but the signals your fathers energy sent you unconsciously may have been the origins of this form of behaviour towards ones own feeling self as a young boy, a disregard for, not hearing, not listening too, this could quite possibly be what is at the roots of the response and venting of anger around the parking lot and how they dealt with your car 'damaged'. They damaged it what is your car smbollic of here how much attachment do you have to your car, is there a certain amount of self image attained through your owner ship of the car?

    The parking lot in your dream tends to portray something a little different here to how this previous incident in your life has impacted on you, the car has been taken away its almost like this pattern that you were still stubbornly involved with has been let go of, as your choice here is to let go of the self image aspect, to give up this role 'carpark space' and rather to go home, home is the heart, your true self and this is your desire now, youve come through all this and your tired, that is to say when this dynamic gets triggered in your self the conflict actually lies within but your habit has been to project this conflict on to an external situation which ultimatley there is outward resolution the only resolution can come from within, going Home, and though this inner conflict has drained you, it has been of value, along with the previous incidents in your life it seems this last six months has brought this dynamic to the fore and here you can now see more clearly your part in it and how you have played this out.

    Just some more ideas to explore

    Best of luck marce

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 34 uk

    Re: camel, school teacher, in a movie theater, and my missing car.

    I pride myself in not letting a car become a statement about me. But, I do like this car I have and before the trouble in the lot, I was meticulous in my care for it. Afterward, I was not so meticulous. I think I let go of effection for it, and saw it as simply a car. I also let go of idea that i needed to be extremely careful that it may get damaged and cost me money.

    This has also intuitively become a imperative in my life as of late because it makes life a lot easier: no attachments to material things. I was not seeking this, i guess, epiphany at the time, but i was seeking peace in my life.

    thinking about it, wihich you spurred me into doing has given me the realization that the car part of the dream, almost repeats the camel in the theater part of the dream. The car is soething I grew to attached to, much more than is worth it, and it unsettled me in many ways, so i learned to let it go. :)
    The car actually needed a repair that was dofficult for me, because a week before I had spent $1000 usd in body work. The additional dent a week later costed me another bundle and I was furious. Wow, I think I am getting somewhere here.

    Maybe i need to react that way to any trickster in life. Let go of the strong sense of pride I have, and the penchant for getting my pound of flesh when upset.

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 42

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    Re: camel, school teacher, in a movie theater, and my missing car.

    Spiritual guardians come out of a liquid atmosphere and use a supernatural creature to generate energy so that they can enter the subtle realms and appear as beings of light, angels, spirit guides etc.

    The woman right next to you is the spirit guide or guardian angel who stays with you in spirit. She uses the animal to generate energy so that she can reach you via the subtle realms.

    The demonstration with the animal shows you that it is not good for you to be too close to what takes place. Then a teacher came to make it clear to you. He made the camel crap on you. The crap was white which represented spiritual substance, but it was still unpalatable for you to be covered in.

    So you left the theater to get cleaned up and this represents the fact that you have to remain separated from the process the spiritual beings use for entering the subtle realms from the liquid realms.

    When you realized what had happened to you it was humiliating and you wanted revenge, but guards and layers of authorities prevented you from going back into where the animal and demonstration took place, and kept you away from the teacher as well who had only wanted to help you.

    This represents the fact that the spiritual realms etc have various types of authorities on different levels who keep humans separated from the deeper facts of life and the spiritual beings who teach us lessons in life. Remember the teacher was in trouble for trying to teach you, so he too must remain in secret and teach you in subtle ways so that you seem to be learning about life on your own.

    Your car being mixed in with other cars so that you couldn't remove it is the guardian's or teachers way of saying that 'at a deeper level of your being your body is closely connected to the bodies or other beings and for now you have to leave it with them.

    Instead you have to go on an elevated subway alone. And this is to tell you that the whole process the spiritual beings are using to arrive in the spiritual realms happens in your lower body and feet areas, and you are stuck in the illusory mental realms above them and alone.

    "The Golden Haired Lady Dream" is similar. The guardian tells the person that there is an animal lying on her and it is important that the guardian wipes all the dirt from the persons body.

    There's a billion different ways the guardians try to explain this to people.

    Basically you are being told that there is a female spirit watching over you and she can only be there due to the process taking place with the creature on the other side of her. But the process is messy and something that you would not like and so it is kept secret from you. Also you are being told that your spiritual body is connected to other spiritual bodies and remains with them, while you are sent into the earth realm above, alone.

    However the woman spiritual being is with you if you want to get in touch with her via telepathy, dreams etc.

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    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 47 australia

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    Re: camel, school teacher, in a movie theater, and my missing car.

    I find your method interesting.

    But, I don't see the woman playing a major part in the dream.

    I pretty much have a great deal of the dream figured out with the help of Marce. I appreciate your help. I did enjoy reading method of translating and hope you develope it to its fullest potential.

    I knew what the dream was about before I posted it, I just wanted to get different views and make sure I did not miss anything. I in fact did learn more about the dream by posting it. And the similar interp. from another I don't know further comfirms my translation of the dream.

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    Re: camel, school teacher, in a movie theater, and my missing car.


    please don't take my post as a slight in anyway.

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 42

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    Re: camel, school teacher, in a movie theater, and my missing car.

    If you did comprehend my interpretation you would be the first. No one understands my meanings fully. The stuff I speak of has to be experienced to be understood.

    Also each dream can be looked at from many viewpoints and deliver different messages to different people, so your interpretation is fully valid.

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 47 australia

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