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Myself as a child

I was driving to my apt from my parents house.Somehow I got lost and found myself trying to find a restaurant to use the bathroom.I went in and seen signs pointing toward the restroom. I followed the signs that pointed me towards narrow stairs and a small door. When I opened the door there was just a wall. So I walked down the steps and found another bathroom and I walked to the door and there was a red string holding the door closed. The lady in the room told me it was there to help me. I stepped over the red string and turned the corner. I saw myself as a child suddenly i felt the need to tell the child to correct mistakes I made in my life and to be more confident. But before I said that I woke up from my dream.

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Re: Myself as a child

Excellent dream.

YOu seem to feel lost in someway and are looking for a way to vent your frustration about it. Yu don't seem to be able to do this.

When you finally do get around to venting, it is your inner child you are speaking to. This child may have been hurt in the past: that is you may have undergone a trauma as a child. This hurt inner child may be holding you back. Thids inner child may represent idiosyncrasies, irrationalism, and holding on to issues that hold you back.

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Re: Myself as a child


What rule or condition imposed by parents as a form of discipline that even now exerts a controlling influence that limits your freedom and prevents you from going beyond usual limits and/or limits you from engaging in competition, using a competitive advantage to obtain something?

Kind regards,

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