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sweet treats

I dreamt i was at a coffee shop with old friends, it was owned by one of my friends mom. Her mom served me tea and cakes and my other friend desma was seated to the right of me. My friend Nadia was seated to the left with her new born baby girl. there were two others but they left the cafe. She came and placed in my plate some cake and desert(banana slices covered with sugared cocunut shavings). I ate it and then she put more on my plate, she had this expression that i should eat it or else. I ate it and then she placed more, i could not figure out where she was getting the endless supply from, but if i ate she would just keep bringing more. Everything was white, the table, chairs, place mats, cutlery, tea pot, cakes, etc. we were all dressed in white.

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Re: sweet treats

Part of you seems to try to sugar coat something another part of you feels you are getting to much of. The banana and coco maybe a symbol of a male and the mind as well. You may feel like you are being pushed into dealing with males, or something masculine.

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