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    dark haired mysterious man

    Last night I dreamt that I had gone out to eat by myself and this dark haired mysterious looking man kept staring at me. I ignored him and ate my meal..then left the restaurant. As I was driving down the road, I noticed in my mirror that he was following me so I wanted to lose him and for him not to see where I live. I pulled up at a 7-11 store and that is when he drove past me. I went in the store and hung around in there awhile then cautiously left. I got home and was inside about five minutes when my phone rang and there was no one on the other end. I called up one of my friends and they said to me, "hey did you hear about the serial killer they are looking for? I said, "no! then my friend started to describe him and sounded just like the guy in the restaurant. I turned on the tv then heard the same thing at night..I got nervous and made myself some coffee so I could stay up later at night and see what else they had to say on the news about this guy...after this..I woke up..dream ended..what could all this mean?

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    Re: dark haired mysterious man

    Well dreams can mean lots of things. But try to simplify the dream to one simple thought process. The dream deals with a theme. It could be summed up in thefollowing way

    "I had some doubts about this. Things can go so easily wrong."

    So try to see how that phrase fits in with the previous day or the frame of mind that you are in now.


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    Re: dark haired mysterious man

    If you have been trying to make a dramatic change in yoursself, the serial killer is some aspect of yourself seeking to undermine that.

    Or, it could be that since Serial killers are not always bad, at least in the dream world. If you are making a thorough change in yourself, a serial killer could depict that many aspects of you have been killed off. Meaning you are successful in what you wanted to achieve. But, the old system of being, is fighting back to continue to exist. Sometime it is convenience that causes us to remain idle and never try to change for the better: convenience store 7-11.

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    Re: dark haired mysterious man

    Hi Connie

    Eating at restaurants usually indicate ways in which we feed ourselves, self acceptance, self nurturance,, being in the space of the restaurant and the particular scene is imagery your psyce is using to portray to you what is happening inside at a mental emotional level.

    Eating by your self seems to reflect that there is an element of being alone, that is to say an element in your day to day self 'dream ego' is alone, not necessary beacuse you may or may not be alone in life but we can have a hundred people around us and still be alone sometimes, the cause for this however is not because of your external situation but more to do with how your own male energy, which gives rise to suspicion and possibly mistrust, in others.

    The male in your dream dark hair likley represents an attitude or form of behaviour that you carry within an unconscious trait which affects how you feel in your self, it seems to create some sense of isolation, thats the overall sense of what your dream portrays.

    However where ever you go this male energy will follow you it is a part of you regardless even if your not properly aquainted with it 'mysterious'.

    Again the 'noticing in your mirror' 'following you' metaphors for ways possibly you choose to become aquainted with this energy is seeing it in the mirror of the people you meet in your every day life, do men you meet/know reflect some of this quality of energy mysterious something your not quite connected to, which again may give rise to not undersatnding them or possibly trusting them, your call there......

    Pulling up to a 7-11 both thewse numbers have spiritual significance and seems to be a safe house of sorts while you get to grips with how to deal with this situation that is causing you to become a little alarmed, here it is good again to note that this situation is one that is internal that is its happening within your 'within'.

    What seems to be happening for you now and your dream is bringing your awarness to is how you are creating these inner situations whether triggered by an external meeting in your social life or hwether you just dont feel generally safe in your waking life, proceeding with caution in the things that you do, all has to do with your own male energy.

    The phone call you make to your friend seems to be a connection to another aspect of your awreness which helpful and symbollically you are told that this is a serial killer, ie its happened before this isnt something new for you, and the killer is my guess that this is how you an be quite harsh towards your own feelings, which ties back into the self acceptance and self norishment at the start.

    Where are you being hard on yourself, for being alone?
    Feeling alone? your dream highlights the need to become more aquainted with your own male energy bring him into the light of day and see him for what he truly is......

    Just some ideas to ponder and of course only my limited view into your dream.

    Best of luck to you marce

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    Re: dark haired mysterious man

    Thanks bobby, carlos and marce..I believe all of you had said something that got my attention. Thanks lots....Connie

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 56 - long island, new york

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