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Journey to a star


a dream from months ago, which i'm still a bit curious about:

I'm listening to some men from the radio. It's like i'm with them. They're talking about a journey to a star. I hear them say the name of the star (but couldn't remember the name). When i hear them saying that name i know that this name means 'ki'.
One of them is writing information about this trip to the star on a board. He tells that he made this trip once already. He tells that the star is about 1000 or 3000 km away from here. Then on the board he draws the way to this star. His drawing looks just like i used to draw just some linings on a piece of paper when i was on the telephone or something like that...years ago.
It's like these men are telling all of this to an audience, while it feels like i'm the only audience there.
Then it's time for the journey. Without experiencing any traveling in the dream we are suddenly somewhere a space which i recognize as the park in my old neighbourhood. We are 'on the star'. I look around. The 'star' is just a little piece of earth in the middle of a little lake. On it are only trees and bushes. Then, i see a little thing, like a very little human, almost looking like a puppet. I am very suprised to see it there. The little human has a head like a flower...a tulip...a red one.
Then i see the men from the radio in the park. They wear astronaut-clothing and are walking through a thick layer of snow. I understand that the end of the journey is near...end of dream...

Any ideas?

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Re: Journey to a star

is the word "ki" pronounced "key"?

you may be hearing or feeling like there is something desirable coming. Maybe a time when you can be more relaxed with certain feminine aspects of yourself.
Or maybe you feel like you have gotten passed certain phases thsa women must go through in life and you feel like you can relax and put that away within yourself as a fond memory of the woman you used to be when younger.

Or, although you went along with the commonly held views of society at earier parts of your life, and you don't regret it. you are ready to isolate yourself from that lifestyler and move ahead as your own person, living for what you feel is your your true self.

And I am sorry I can't pin anything down, but for now all I seem to be able to get from the dream is that you have paased a rubicon in life and are less subject to outside influence.

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