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artist and BB gun

I was walking along a rural road with someone who was as if my guide in this area. The landscape was unfamiliar to me, although it was not so different from other rural roads I’d walked along. It was a pleasant summer day. Along the way was an open garage-like structure where an older man was working. This was his workshop, and he was a kind of folk artist. I stopped in to see what he was doing. There was something like a potter’s wheel but he was not a potter, and didn’t work with clay. There were many materials around, many small things that he used in the construction of dioramas. These dioramas were table-top-sized, I noticed 3 or 4 of them in process around his studio. In some way he used the potter’s wheel to derive the components of the dioramas. I had the impression that each diorama could take quite awhile to complete, and that he was not necessarily in control of how long it took. Nor was he necessarily the chooser of the elements that were used. I looked more closely at one of them, but I cannot now, nor even while I was looking at it, make out the story being told there, if indeed there was a story. The components were not familiar to me, even though the air of the place was one of matter-of-fact simplicity and certainly not magical or esoteric in any way. He was a simple folk artist in all outward respects, but his work was incomprehensible. This was not intimidating. As I looked at one of the unfinished dioramas I knew that the parts contained there are all practical, working parts, but I have no understanding of their meaning. I was looking down onto the floor area of a rectangular diorama which had some pieces in place around the perimeter, but there was a large area, another rectangle, which was noticeably empty and awaited its components. The artist was an extremely calm and peaceful man, and welcoming to my investigations. We didn’t have any conversation together except for cordial greeting.

My guide and I continued along the road after this stop at the folk artist’s studio. Eventually the scene shifted to nighttime, and although the area we were in was still open as if in the country, the air had shifted to a closer, more urban experience. Quite suddenly we were being shot at by BB guns. I was stunned by this turn of events, and asked my guide what to do about it. It was at this point that I was most aware of him - I saw that he was younger than me, wore all black clothing, and was quite at home in this environment. It was now that I needed him most. I never saw his face. He advised me that although my instincts were to run, the thing to do in this circumstance was to remove my clothing. Every time I was hit with a pellet I should know to take off some clothing. I was hit, and on his advise, removed a piece of outer clothing. I saw that he had removed all his clothing at once, rather than draw it out into one piece each time a BB struck. I asked him what to do with the clothes once they were removed, and he showed me that this was not a problem - when the clothes were off they could simply be hung on a wire that appeared right wherever we happened to be standing. Indeed, he draped his clothes over the line and stood naked. This was so matter-of-fact to him that it was clear he had done this many times. Although the tendency was to not want to become so vulnerable to attack, he told me that once the clothes were removed, the attackers could not shoot anymore. They could come close and look, but they could not touch our bodies. This was the game played here. And these were the rules that everyone abided by. If I followed these rules and played the game properly I would be fine. I think it was assumed that at any time, I or he might just as easily be holding a BB gun and could shoot at others in this same way.

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Re: artist and BB gun

very interesting dream.

YOu seem to be dealing with issues in a good way. Whatever plagues you you seem to address by baring it all within yourself. Kind of staying mindful of it, and rather than fearing it, you denude it, and address it in this way. These issues are probably insecurities and fears.

YOu may also have some problems socializing. This may be what you are dealing with. YOu would be well advised to stay mindful and experience all the negative impulses, urges, issues, and insecurities, within you, rather than focus on one of them at a time. that is what your guide did. Just don't let it consume you.
Just as you have these negative qualities you are dealing with, you have the positive ones to. They seem to reside in your intuitive side. It is constantly grouping ideas, and experiences, into concepts that give them meaning to you.

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