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Black Cat


I had a horrible dream last night and I am writing to seek some comfort in this particular dream.

My partner and I were at home and our Black and white cat grabbed me by the hands and started to constant bite and attack me. I could not get the cat off by myself and the pain and shock was so much for me that I could not scream out for help. I was speechless... I had to wait for my partner to see the cat attacking me in order to get him to stop. When he pulled the cat off me I looked at my hands and there was cuts and blood everywhere andI could feel the pain of my hands in my dream.

To give you some background info, I have just recently moved in with my partner and he has a black and white cat that I do not like. I am constantly disguised in the cat and do not connect with it at all. He wakes me up in the middle of the night to get in the house and disruptes my sleep. I do not like cats - and I think this cat knows that I do not like it. No matter how dirty or disguisting the cat is my partner will always defend the cat.

I am hoping to get some insight to this dream if anyone can help me please.


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Re: Black Cat

you are allowing the cat to interfere with your ability to connect socially.

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