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scorpions and tarantula

I am in a room and there comes a big tarantula spider,ver fat and hairy.I feel scared and worried as it runs very fast and hides somewhere in my flat.I am worried because it might bite any of us and it is lethal.I try to talk to my husband about that( aperson i don't know in real life)and he doesn't feel it's important and doesn't help me. I am giving dinner to one of my kids,he is very young(in real life he is 19).I feel worried the tarantula might bite him.Nobody seems to bother.My husband goes to bed and I am checking the house for the spider just in case and suddenly i am in sort of forest and I look under a bush and suddenly comes an ocean of insects,ants,spiders ,scorpions .I sort of stirred them up by looking for the tarantula.I feel as if they are just too many to do something.I run back to the house where my husband is sleeping and I can see ahuge scorpion on his face.I shout and he is scared and holds the scorpion tight n order not to get stung,I run for scissors and cut it in two.He finally believes me.
It was a very disturbing dream.What could that mean?I read in the dream dictionary but doesn't really click.thanks for your help margit

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Re: scorpions and tarantula


The dream may describe unconscious fears and current state of animus development. In Self examination seeking knowledge of a specific issue you may have uncovered a number of issues which initially leaves you feeling overwhelmed. These issues may be interrelated and of same origin as the focal issue you sought knowledge. The unknown husband could indicate the animus is unknown to the feminine, an unrealized aspect. Without knowledge of and development the animus is unable to assist with resolution, so nurturing development of animus would then be necessary. This dream could also show overdependence on the feminine aspect to exclusion of the masculine possibly due to past external masculine influences. Resolution is then shown possible by trying something new to gain experience with both feminine and active masculine working together bringing about ability without difficulty.

You know the standard disclaimer…

Kind regards,

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Re: scorpions and tarantula

Well in the dream your son is very young. Perhaps this dream is about your difficulty in pointing problems(tarantulas ) out to him. That you wish to tell him about this prioblem or that but that he is grown up now and would not listen or resent interference. I lives are full of such dilemmas.

Dream dictionary

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Re: scorpions and tarantula

Thanks to both of you for answering.Sorry I came back so late to this post but I was really busy these days..I think Kathy there is something in what you say...Most of all because I was working a lot wth animus imaginery etc and also reading boks etc about animus in spring and summer and now after going thru a major crisis things have slowed down again and my animus (lol) seems to have gone back to sleep again,leaving me alone with my fears...Reading the dream now with some distance also gives me the feel of again feeling a bit left alone without the resource of my masculine strenght.It is funny,when I am back into the relationship with my boyfriend my animus goes back to sleep...or does he come thru the backdoor hidden? Thanks you gave me some food for thoughts..Margit

Re: scorpions and tarantula

Thank you for responding with your thoughts. Often when looking at my dreams for interpretation I will examine the natural aspects and characteristics of symbols. The aspects of and relationship between scorpion and tarantula may provide information about the relationship between anima and animus. When viewed metaphorically you may uncover additional depth to the dream, beneficial to your animus work.

Wikipedia - Tarantula

Wikipedia - Scorpion

For example, both scorpion and tarantula belong to the same clasification Arachnida, and are natural enemies. Metaphorically this could be...a conscious perception of differentiation rather than interrelatedness, perception of animus being outside of Self. Unconscious use of these symbols could then be trying to communicate both belong to the same species (Psyche) yet each deserves subclassification based on differences (aspect and specific function within Psyche).

Just some food for thought as you continue to examine the dream.

Many thanks,

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 45 Central OH

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