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in my dream i have a older me and a child me and i have monsters chasing me and the only way to get rid of them is to shut all the doors in the house i achieve this but some how the doors keep opening and i cannot get rid of the monsters

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Re: monsters

Have you had these dream before? Often? That would important to know.

Younger adult dreams usually tend to focus on the ego/persona building aspect of life, the outer self. But if there are troubled personal experiences from earlier life that remain unresolved, dreams will give attention to that aspect of your life with an intent to help resolve them. This is the inner self. Your own personal psychology, and dreams can be a direct connection to the deeper unconscious.

Note: This is one area where Jung and Freud deviated in their philosophies. Jung believed in that 'inner Self'.

First possibility.
If your childhood was normal and there were not any 'traumatic' experiences are are unresolved {you are still fighting the monsters}, then you should look to current experiences in life to explain the dream. Pressures in life, stresses from everyday life being the monsters. What are your monsters in life? Your job, school, finances, etc.? As the stress grows your dreams will indicate these waking experiences.

On the other hand
If there are past troubling experiences, consider the following as an interpretation:

Normally monsters in dreams symbolize our {personal} monsters. Sever, even traumatic physical/emotional experiences. What happened as a child is still part of you today {the older me and the child me}.
Those past experiences. You can succeed part of the time at shutting it out but they are still there. No matter how hard you try you can not completely get rid of the monsters {personal}.

Are you repressing some past childhood experiences? You are only 21 but in your earlier childhood years were there any traumatic emotional experiences that continue to cause distress in your life?

Why Dreams are Important
If the above has merit your past may still have some control over you. You may react to or even live life because of these past experiences. It may negatively affect your current life, who you are. Dreams attempt to provide these images so you can work through them. Of course deep wounds from the past need more than just dreamwork to resolve. But dreams do offer up solutions to these 'patterns of behaviour' since they share properties with themes within mythology.

On Mythology
In mythology, which share many of the same archetypal symbols as does dreams, the hero/heroine finally slays the monster by confronting his/her fears. You begin a true healing process when you know what the monster is. With help, and preferably with your own self psychology {Jung's Individuation Process} the monsters will stop invading your dreams.

Let me know your thoughts to the above. I sense it may be deeper aspects at play.


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Re: monsters

you may have an inclination toward isolation and introvertion. this may be because you feel awkward and maybe even unappealing toward want to hide these aspects of yourself you don't like but can't seem to stop the feelings of being unattractive as a person from creeping out.
you might just have some insecurities that cause you to feel that way; maybe something that you feel has stigmatized you.
In most cases these feelings are a complete overeaction to the environment around you; or, an indication that you should change your environment, or maybe grow a thicker skin toward it.

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Re: monsters

MONSTER : something is out of control
SHUT DOOR : tryiong to shut out some problem

think of hopw dreams can portray your frame of mind right now? How did you feel the day before? how do you feel about the day to come when you woke up? Hopw could the dream portray thwe attitudes and frame of mind right now?

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