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water and house

In this dream, I had the feeling I was half awake, so I think I may have contributed in creating it.

I am by the sea, where there are a lot of people swimming. I know that my first boyfriend is waiting for me at home. I decide to leave the seashore and go home. But I choose a path of big sharp stones where only one person at a time could walk. It seemed funny because I could have chosen a more direct and simplier way to go home, rather than that! And I was carrying a load! A horse was passing by the path at the same time with me, so he stopped, and I walked down the stones making sure I was still carrying the load.

Here I am home. It's a two floor house (I've seen it before in a dream). I am in the yard and three people are waiting for me (an old woman, an old man and my first boyfriend). He gave me a ring saying that it was a 24-karat gold. I looked and the stone was very big, but not shiny.

Then I woke up.

Thanks for your thoughts,


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Re: water and house

seems like you have made life for yourself a bit more difficult than necessary. You have decided to try and overcome being so near to being a person led by your emotions and urges, but the way toward a more relaxed way of being, a more genuine you, has been made difficult by personal decisions you made.

you may have the perception that life is not so good when you are not in a state where you are prone to emotions and urges. Maybe you feel that leading a life led by a you more submissive to your conscience, a more rational you, has no luster.

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