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Have you ever?? i need to know.

Have any of you guys ever had a lucid dream. Like where you realise that you are asleep and you cant move or talk to wake yourself up?? if so tell me about it im doing research.

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Re: Have you ever?? i need to know.

I haven't but I had a friend who has. While we were roommates in Job Corps, she slept on the bottom bunk and I slept on the top. We were four to a room. One night my bed was shaking and it woke me up. I looked down below and saw my roommate lying flat on her back in a torture position--arms at her sides, chin in the air, eyes and mouth closing and opening. I jumped down and realized my other roommates were awakened by her as well. We gathered to her side and tried to wake her. Only after a few scary moments, she woke up in a scream. She said there was a weight on her chest and she couldn't move. She had several nights like this, sometimes multiples in one night. Later she told us there was a hag in her dream who sat on her, sometimes with her mouth over my roommates'. She said she couldn't breath, either. She had several more dreams that way until a friend suggested that she reveal the secret that she'd been holding in. Turns out she had been molested by her step father and was currently pregnant with his baby. Her mother sent her away to cover it up, thinking she'd gotten preg. by her then boyfriend. After telling us about her tale, she ceased to have those dreams. The folklore about 'the hag/witch riding' you was that it was based on a secret you dared not to tell. The only way to break the spell was to tell. It didn't matter to whom, but the secret must be told.

Let me know how your research turns out.

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