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Strange Dream Many Symbols

Hello everyone,

I do not dream often but last night I had a very strange dream that kind of made me nervous because I couldn’t figure out what any of it meant. So here is my dream..


It took place in a hotel somewhere nice, There was myself, my roommate, a best friend from another state, and my first love who I still communicate with to this day.

We arrived at the hotel and I began a romantic relationship with my first love, we hit it off everything was incredible after that we left with smiles and joined the rest of the people, once we met up with them we decided to go to a party somewhere in the hotel,

The next thing I knew, I woke up there was my roommate my best friend, and no first love, I panicked, so we went to try to find our room, which we could not figure out where it was, I couldn’t remember a thing from the night before, I kept asking my roommate and friend what happened my friend couldn’t remember either, and my roommate looked at us like we didn’t want to know what happened.

At the end of the dream, I was speaking to my best friend, and asked him repeatedly what happened the night before, and said he wasn’t sure but he thinks he may have hooked up with someone named Jeff (my friend is not gay in real life)


When I woke up at 5 am this morning the dream felt so real to me, like I still needed to find my first love, everything was so vivid, and clear and it caught me off guard because I have never had a dream quite like this one,

Does anyone out there have any insight as to what this dream may mean ?

Thank you,


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Re: Strange Dream Many Symbols

seems like there may have been an issue of bonding and with whom. you may not have given your frst love the bonding she needed, or at least part of you may feel that way, and instead hung out with the boys.

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Re: Strange Dream Many Symbols

Let me try to help. According to Jungian archetype symbols (simply and generally applied), a hotel relates to a temporary or transitory situation or mental state. Also, the dream characters are nearly always symbolic, and represent aspects of your Self. Your girl-friend (with whom you related to most easily and with whom you were most comfortable) could be symbolic of your ego self and your immature self. As is your roommate and your friend. All as aspects of your developing self. This would indeed represent a temporary condition out of which you will grow very quickly. It could just mean that you are at a stage of growing into a more mature state of being at this time in your life. Maybe you are reluctant to let go of this old carefree state of existence, and you are enjoying all of these aspects within the events in your dream.

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