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Seeing and Talking to the Dead

Hi, In my dream I was reading the obituary and saw my Father's name as time flashed by I was going to the funeral I saw my Grandmother who has been deceased for a number of years in a casket; at another point I saw my Grandfather who also has been deceased for a period of time dressed in white and was followed by a throng of people who also were dressed in white.

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Re: Seeing and Talking to the Dead

Three possibilities I wish to present. The first would have to do with your own mortality. As you age the thought of death becomes more real. Since everyone in the dream is older and deceased {your Father is portrayed as deceased} this could be the stimulus for your dream.

Another possibility is the fearful thought of your father's future death {assuming he is still alive}. My mother is in the late 60s and I know that one day the inevitable will occur. That could account for such dreams.

The third would have little to do with relatives and more to do with pure symbolics. Perhaps these relatives symbolize your own wisdom. Has there been recent instances where decisions you made were questioned? The ages of your grandparents and Father could suggest wisdom aspects of your own psyche.

The positive aspect of this dream is the white attire of your grandfather {the oldest, thus the wisest} may suggest in the end there are positive aspects to the dream. Perhaps, if the dream is addressing the death aspects, you are slowly accepting your own immortality. White in Western philosophies is represented as positive {in the East black is more often seen as positive}.

As for death. An old mystical Islamic saying comes to mind.
When the angel of death approaches it is horrific. But when it reaches you it is bliss.

I don't believe in the Islamic tradition of receiving '72 virgins' after death {suicide} but any mystical tradition has it merits, in my thinking.


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