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A communal shower and two spiders...

Several nights ago, I had this rather simple dream:

I am showering in a large circular shower made of glass or some mostly transparent material. There are people passing by or watching me and I am feeling a little uncomfortable about it, but there is supposed to be some sort of shield or something that makes it a little blurry when seen from the outside. However, either it is not working or there are areas where it is not working. So, I am a little uncomfortable yet not horribly embarassed about it. I believe someone talks to me through the glass. I’m not sure if there are others in the shower with me at first. I go to take a drink of water out of a cup on a shelf in front of me and I see two spiders in it. I go ahead and drink out of it despite the spiders, trying not to disturb them or move them. Later, others in the shower point at the cup, alarmed, as a spider crawls out of it; they did not know they were in there. I feel completely calm.

(I don't have a phobia of spiders, yet I certainly wouldn't normally drink out of a cup with 2 of them in it.)

A little background information:

I have just returned from a 6 month solo trip to Europe and am now back at my job. Things are a little disordered right now, not only due to the adjustment to my former life, but also because for the moment, I am without a car and completely broke, which makes for a difficult transition. However, I feel strangely peaceful and content and I am looking forward to working and studying to achieve my goals, which were brought into focus for the first time in a long time during my trip. I have always been someone with multiple goals - and trying to achieve them all at once has mostly made it impossible to achieve any one of them. So, it is refreshing to have direction for once. (Although, I still mourn a bit for the loss of my other goals, which will have to wait for a time to be revived).

Thank you in advance for your help!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Re: A communal shower and two spiders...

Th glass shower, those people watching you, are all a part of the transparency you are seeking in your life. You are looking t yourself trying to determine what goals to pursue, and which are most important. Before your trip there was not the inner clarity {a little blurry when seen from the outside}. Achieving wholeness, balance, finding your center, that is the circular shower of unconsciousness you are seeking to clarify.

The embarrassment and uncomfortableness may be due to social influences {especially at your work place}. That aspect is not quite clear {and may not be if it is of a more personal nature having to do with your waking life}.

Although spiders are often thought of as something to be afraid of, in truth they can represent many aspects of the psyche. One is the powerful creative sense we possess. In the web of life it is that creative {or spiritual-both are from the same realm} aspect that is most fulfilling. Not being afraid of the spiders, and partaking of the cup. Very positive signs. Trying not to disturb the spiders may indicate the delicate balance you are having to endure in pursuit of your goal{s}. That may have to do with the waking life responsibilities and obstacles. Whereas parts of your emotional self look upon your decisions about your future, the mindset is there, there is calmness, and you are not afraid.

I must say you have presented a classic case of the hero/heroine deed in its beginning {or at its crossroads}. Being broke and without a car, that alone would cause most to flee in fear when confronting major decisions in life. But not being afraid, you will surely benefit, the helping hands of fate are there to help {and will if you stay the course}. The wisdom is that when you are backed against the wall and have no place to turn, your greatest strength surfaces and you overcome all odds.

I can attest to that wisdom from my own personal experience.

Does this fit?


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Re: Re: A communal shower and two spiders...


Thank you so much for responding so quickly. It gave me some time to really think about what you said and it has helped me a lot.

Ever since I can remember, I have been looking for that transparency you mentioned. I have been looking for my true calling, my bliss, if you will. And it has always been confusing to me because I have so many desires going in so many different directions. I always knew that I just needed to grab onto one and follow it through to the end, instead of going around in circles trying to achieve all of them at once, and that the others would still be there, waiting patiently. Yet, I could never bring myself to do this because the loss of the others was always too much for me to bear.

So, the embarassment and uneasiness, I believe, comes from within myself, because I still feel that loss and I feel unsure sometimes. It really is a delicate balance within myself because I feel a pull, still, toward my study of Physics and Math and art and music. Yet, during my trip, I felt this clarity because I knew, when I arrived, that I belonged there, and my ever-present love for and strength in languages resolidified and I decided to return to study Conference Interpreting.

What you said about spiders being creative rang true with me and I wrote down some other ideas I have about them. They have the ability to make/construct a home, a dream, they have the ability to catch things they want or need (reminded me of dreamcatchers), they are persistent. Maybe the fact that there were two spiders within the cup symbolized the dual directions I am being pulled towards and the fact that I drank of it calmly and later, one crawled out by itself means that I need to just continue on with my plan despite the uneasiness, and of its own accord, it will balance out. Despite the panic of other parts of myself, I, in my core, will remain calm. I think I have a good plan here and I need to continue with it.

Yet, even as I write this, my desire to study Physics, Math, music is strong within me. Sometimes I wish our lives really did branch off into different realities like the many worlds hypothesis describes...in one I would be a theoretical physicist, in another I would speak 15 languages fluently, then, a poet, musician, artist, dancer. (Sometimes being a gemini is very confusing...)

Sorry about the blathering on, but what you said really made me think about things...

Thank you...

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 31, Arizona

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Re: A communal shower and two spiders...

A wonderful reply. And a dilemma many should have. Often it is impossible to recognize just one creative aspect to follow. To have so many possibilities is, if not for the need to put so much time in to each, a blessing. But you are right, that one thing that stands out, your true bliss is the path that will bring about balance and harmony. And by all accords to the hero/heroine journey, the rest will fall into place. Stay strong and disciplined and those goals will be achieved.

May the Force be with you.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 57 Murfreesboro, Tn.

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Re: A communal shower and two spiders...

well I always try to understand dreams in reverse. I take elements of your current mindset and see if any of the symbols seem to correspond. Here are a few possibilites.

Naked : you are perhaps naked because you are a little broke now... feeling a little lost and vulnerable. Perhaps too much of your life is on show right now. It just makes you feel uncomnfortable.

SPIDERS : Spiders can be seen as a threat.. a problem.. families even.. they are quite abstract. But one meaning jumps out here that maybe relevant. You have been away for months and during that time spiders could have time to grow and infest a place.. showing that you life here has been somewhat neglected.. it perhaps symbolises the passage of time.. where nothing has been happening... where life has moved on yet its stood still here.

Yet you are not too concerned in the dream perhaps showing that you are cunconcerned about the direction of your life. Problems are there but you feel they will be sorted out.

I always try to reduce a dream to a single quote trying to capture its meaning. Perhaps it means this

"Time has been allowed to pass.I feel progress is not been made in the way that I wish. I think there are some problems that I need to clean up. I feel a little vulnerable and its obvious that I am not making the progress desired. Yet I am not that unsettled."

To me nakedness is the key symbol.. linking to you feeling naked.. that something is perhaps all too obvious...

Yet there coulkd be many meanings to this dreams. If dreams truly link to our conceptual thoughts then there are a million and one things that it could mean. Spiders are difficult to interpret yet a spider in a cup that does not know its there.. I don't really know what that means. Its really very abstract... yet in some wya that symbol represents the conceptual nature of some thought process at the time of the dream... yet its beyond me
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