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Hundreds of Black Scary Dogs


I had some dream fragments and when I woke up all I remembered was:

My arms were cut up with extra skin on the left one that was very sensitive to touch, and a friend of my mom's was cutting open the bandages, and underneath my arms had healed but looked awful, then I'm rearranging furniture in an apartment I share with my sis that has two bedrooms and three beds, one is in the way.

Then I walk outside and there are hundreds of dogs every where, probably black labradors, I don't know and I am scared, so scared waiting for them to attack, I'm tense, Im walking on eggshells, they are all grouped together in bunches of five, whatever, something like that, they are all over the road i must take to get home.... in the midst of them are old classmates and a former boss just sitting there. I was very afraid, waiting for an attack at any moment, the air was so tense, and ominous and I knew they were waiting for me to make a wrong move.

Thanks so much

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Re: Hundreds of Black Scary Dogs

I get the impression the dream is attempting to address deeper psychological conflicts, conflicts only you can name. There is attempts at healing but the outlook hasn't changed {perhaps this addresses depression you may experience at different times}. I think of Robert Johnson's comparison of 'apartments' to different complexes one may possess. Your sis could represent herself {and your relationship with her}. If so what is shared? What has been rearranged, perhaps because of shared experiences?
If there is no connection to your sister then look at 'sis' as being another aspect of yourself. A related complex that may have some control of your waking life {control that may not be positive}.

The black dogs, hundreds everywhere, I see this as unconscious fears or threats. The walking on eggshells may be a true experience within your life {figuratively speaking of course}. The bunches of five also, perhaps something you can name related to your waking life. Something that goes back into your past, perhaps something that has been experienced for a long time. The wrong move you are afraid of could be those past experiences that produced your original fears. That thing that made/makes you afraid.

As I stated first off, conflicts only you can name. The periphery of the dream is what can be interpreted. The personal experiences are less evident. That is where the dreamer must have an ability to 'connect' to the possibilities being offered. Metaphors, where do they apply? The motif, the motif of your life?


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Re: Hundreds of Black Scary Dogs

Dear Jerry,
Thank you for this profound interpretation.

At the time of this dream I was worried about a couple of external life situations where I indeed felt like I was walking on eggshells. Those situations are now in the past, but because I believe the external mirrors the internal, I am aware that there indeed must be an inner situation that because it was unconscious, manifested externally.

Clearly the dream is drawing my attention to inner complexes and conflicts which I had been heretofore totally unaware of....since this is something that still does not resonate with me, I am waiting for more dreams to help me know what it is...I agree that it must be something deep and longstanding since I am unable at this time to identify what it might be...but this is how it works......the complex begins to become slowly conscious and in doing so its hold on us loosens....

so, I must be begining to be aware of something that before I was not.

My only guideline is to look at external situation where I feel this sense of walking on eggshells and subdued fear and try to understand what internal situation it reflects.

I do have to say that although I left two very tense situations, I may have traded them for one that is not much better, and this is a sign for me that the internal situation is not nearly resolved.

Thanks Jerry, that was a truly insightful and helpful interpretation and I am watching to see what unfolds into consciousness so I can transform my situation...


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