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Strange sequence of symbols

I had a dream last night that was very strange, but had a lot of poignant symbols in it:

strange. All the children were slight and small and all were ghost children.

Here's the dream:
I was out at a San Francisco parade with my friends, drunk and having fun and avoiding inconvienent people (as you usually do at parades) and icky previous acquaintances. I woke up the next day to visit my mother and was driving her van which had no breaks. In the middle of the journey I found an abandoned pit bull and had to take care of it (pet). It looked like a rat- was deformed but not really ugly. The car had no breaks so when I entered my mothers city I had to stop it by making numerous circles (my moms car never has any breaks in any of my dreams). My mom was selling our house and had asked me to follow her to a mall to shop for things to help with that. The store was distinctly over-luxorious and I remember being upset at how ridiculous the yuppie community had really become- as apparantly reflected by the luxorious store. (so sorry about all the details...)
so after shopping i go to our house to help my mom. OUr house is surrounded by beautiful foilage- like a forest, perfect landscaping- there was also landscaping in the yuppie store as well as a stream and a pond. Inside my house I discover that I can see the ghost of a child- no body else can. This ghost shows me other ghosts- the boy shows me the girl who also needs a caretaker. I plan to help these children, but to eventually set them off on their own- until the boy shows me another ghost- the ghost of my sister. Now I have to take care of her, be her friend, support her because I am the only one who can see her. At one point she makes a mess in the bathroom and I have to clean up the excrement without letting my mom see, because my mom will blame me.
There is a boy locked in the basement and I am informed by this by a mad scientist who has accidentally grown the boy to giant size with a ray gun. The boy is terrified, naked, and there is excrement everywhere. I have to calm him down, hose him off and get him dressed. There are also a lot of rats in terreriums full of beautiful foilage. I must care for these rats- who are now my pets.

what does this mean? why am I caring for everyone and all of these pets? why all the excrement and why are all the children ghosts? what does this have to do with my mom and her house? why does her van never have breaks? why all the foilage?

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 21 San francisco

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Re: Strange sequence of symbols

Most often dreams of a younger person or adult has more to do with the everyday affairs or experiences in the waking life. But your dream seems to hold deeper meaning, more to do with deeper psychological experiences. I'll look at the dream with this in mind. If it doesn't fit then we can look to more recent experiences in your waking life.

The first observation would have to do with your mother and her 'car' never having any breaks in your dreams. This would symbolic of the relationship between you and your mother. What aspect of that relationship would fit with her 'not having any breaks'? Could it have to do with earlier childhood experiences? The inside of your house {inside} you is a 'ghost of a child'. Perhaps that is a reference to some aspect of your childhood. Although the outside {the conscious ego} is seen as being perfect {perfect landscaping}, the inside holds this ghost that only you can see.

The other ghosts. Do you have actual brothers and sisters who may have shared in these experiences?
{or they could be symbolic of other aspects of yourself}.
The excrement could represent 'negative' experiences, or dirty experiences. The rats may be those dirty 'creatures' held within your unconscious that you must care for. This may represent repression of certain aspects or experiences in your life.

Let me know your thoughts. Perhaps I can help determine more about the dream with your response.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 57 Murfreesboro, Tn.

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Re: Strange sequence of symbols

thanks Gerard.

Ok- so my mom and I have a very close relationship, but it is too close sometimes and I don't feel free to do what I want - I feel I have to let her in on it and that doesn't always create the best situation.

And the ghost... I don't know. The ghost of my sister was the actual ghost of my living sister who is in rehab right now and living away from home. that could explain teh excrement- but I can't understand how the excrement was tied to the giant boy in the basement... the mad scientist also.

all the lush greens... the perfect house and the perfect landscaping in the yuppie store- I can see how that would relate, also with the ghosts- at least that of my sister. We try so hard to hold together as a family but there is a lot of ghostly, uncomfortable feelings inside our "house". I could also see how that would relate to me caring for my sister's ghost- because I am in a unique position with my family where I am independent of them, living away, yet very close to my sister- so I have a lot of responsibility in helping them deal with her being away. Her ghost is only seen by me because I am the one who sees both her side and my families side of the situation.

I do not under stand the significance of teh other ghosts... they were all tiny little innocent children- one girl and one boy. And then the giant boy in the basement! That symbol is very alarming to me but I am afraid I can not see past my...denial.

The rats may have been liken to the ghosts, like you said- I can see that- they would be just day to day problems I have to take care of... they were living in foliage... so then the foilage as a cover up would make sense too. Day to day problems and the foilage is the beauty of life they live amongst a well as the necessity of dealing with these problems... but both coincide together and appear as a cover up. You know- you have to tough it out or you can't have any fun. :)

Thanks so much- I can understand the ghost of my sister and the foilage, the car and the house and the rats. haha. I'm still worried about the big boy and the other ghosts... why were they all children? scared, petite- are these more family secrets? My mom was so clingy in the dream, could this be about our relationship? Also- why was she selling the house? Am I afraid that my familiarity with my family is changing?

Mostly- why the giant boy in the basement? That was so weird.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 21 San Francisco

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Re: Strange sequence of symbols

Basements usually symbolize the deeper unconscious. That often leads to more symbolic representations of the different aspects of your psyche. He, the boy, could represent some masculine aspect that is hidden within your unconscious and has grown so large it needs to be acknowledged. I suggest you read mote about the masculine/feminine aspects from this link Anima/Animus. It sometimes can be a difficult task to understand such representations. If you have a weak masculine self then your psyche may be pointing to that aspect. After reading about the Anima/Animus perhaps you will have a better understanding of the possibilities.

Children can represent actual childhood experiences, perhaps looking back at such experiences that are unresolved. Children can also represent childlike qualities that still persist in some aspect of your life {such as your sister}.

The other ghosts could symbolize unconscious fears having to do with existing issues. At the age of 21 you have few life experiences {as opposed to someone much older}. So the ghosts must be more recent, again perhaps relating back to your childhood {were some of these issues prevalent during those years?}

What is important is you are now thinking about these issues and getting an understanding of what they represent. One thing we do know is they are about your emotional life. If they come up in your dreams then there is enough emotional energy to those issues that need your attention. And it is good that at such an early age you are taking it seriously. Often it is later in life {if at all} before a person starts to examine their inner life {psychological}. I encourage you to read more about Jungian concepts. You seem to possess an instinct to understand these difficult questions and that is a positive that can serve you well throughout your life, if you will continue to develop those 'intuitive' skills.

If you have other questions, or thoughts, please post them and perhaps we will be able to better understand this large boy and the other ghosts.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 57 Murfreesboro, Tn.

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