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House, roots, dark figure, spider

My husband had a dream that he was walking up to a dark house and there were all these roots around the house as though there was a trench all around the house. Inside there was a spider crawling on the floor and a man who was dressed in black. He said, "Has not the shepherd a name? His name is rape". He then woke up because the spider then crawled on his foot (not in real life). The same night he dreamt that a pure white dog was barking at him and he woke up before it bit him.
He is also having a reoccuring dream about fighting with his father.
Any takers? He has been waking up sad and gloomy.

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Re: House, roots, dark figure, spider

I sense 'guilt' may have something to do with these dreams. What was his childhood like? There may be some unconscious associations to the past that needs to be reconciled.

Pure white is often symbolic of innocence.

If there are not any emotional issues from his childhood {which the above would address} then we need to look at his current waking life to determine what the dream is trying to convey. I get the impression it has to do with the above and I'll let you respond before looking at the other possibilities.


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