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animals in the water

Hello everyone,
I had a dream lastnight that left me with a happy nostalgic feeling when I woke up.

I was at school, about to write an exam. I wasn't nervous. We were all sitting at a long conference table and our test papers had bar codes which the teach was collecting. A boy in my class was walking around taking other people's barcodes so that he could cheat (this boy is actually in my class at school and does seem to ride on the coat tails of others). I felt contempt towrds him and was relieved that the teacher got to me first.

Next, I was sitting at a desk that was pushed together with three other desks, much like when I was in jr high. I knew the two girls across from me, the person to my left was completely shrouded in shadow. The presence felt male, and at some times I thought it was my partner. We began our exam and I felt at ease, possibly a little bored. I felt prepared though. I looked up and saw that there was a roof that ended over our desks, there was a bird feeder and there was so many blue jays. I became really excited and told the girls across from me. they were also excited. I whistled and a cardinal came to the feeder. I was completely mesmerised. I looked past the birds and saw that a whole bunch of rare animals had congregated in the water of what must have been a lake. There were afgan dogs, polar bears, seals, and many many other kinds of animals. I was really excited and watched as all of them uniformly ran, splashing, from one side of the shoreline to the other. A fluffly looking bird caught my attention and I saw a baby spotted snowy owl floating down onto a branch, followed by another baby, a mother, and then the father who was very immaculate. This made me even more excited. the father owl flew down to the water and joined the other animals in their back and forth run in the water. by the time he reached the water his torso had changed to that of a mammal's with wings.
I became aware that I still needed to write my exam and felt burdened by it, burdened by needing to write out everything I knew and express myself concisely.

The animals all gave me such a senseof excitement and the dream left me with such a positive feeling, I'm very curious about what it means though. Any insights will be greatly apreciated :)

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Re: animals in the water

Hi Katharine,

Another way of looking at exams is "being tested". Tell me, Katharine, do you know the biblical story of Noah's Ark? If you have a look at this story in the context of your dream it may add something to it.

But remember that understanding ones dream comes with great responsibility. You have to do something with it on a conscious level.


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Re: animals in the water

I get the impression from the dream there is a mistrust of some masculine aspect in your life, whether it be your animus or some real life male. The first part of the dream focuses on the guy who cheats, and the second part of the dream has the presence of a male who was in the shadows {perhaps an unconscious attitude-your actual shadow in a dream would most always be feminine}.
Yet there is the feminine aspect too {two girls}, one that seems to be familiar, perhaps suggesting a trust in your feminine senses {an a mistrust of the masculine?}. And Stephen's point about the exam is valid. The bar codes may represent hidden aspects that you do not trust {again, perhaps having to do with masculine traits or people}.
The excitement you feel from the animals, could this be nature, or natural instincts, that has gotten you very excited? The family scenes may be part of the dream message. Nature is beautiful, and natural when there is that whole family participating, doing their part {here the male, father owl, is very immaculate}. Owls also are wise. This may have to do with the exam, using your wisdom.

Tying it all together, there seems to an examination of certain aspects you possess, or people {masculine} in your life. The family scenes {of animals, natural and perhaps what you desire} are what get you so excited. The male who is in the beginning distrusted, even a cheater, is now doing his part. Perhaps this has to do with relationships in your life, and a desire for a sound 'family' atmosphere where the male can be trusted. Have you had any discussions or serious thoughts to this recently? How is your relationship with your partner going? Any questions with that? If not then perhaps we need to focus more on the animus.
Let me know your thoughts and perhaps we can get a better idea to which aspect of the masculine the dream is addressing.


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