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Middle Age is Truly Depressing

Article from MSNBC News website that may interest some. Mid-life is one subject I focus on since the inner search normally occurs during period in life. Plus having lived most of my middle age years {I'm 57}, and having done my own inner search, I know something about the process. Nothing replaces experience.

Link: Middle Age is Truly Depressing

The good news is that most grow happy again during golden years

excerpts from article

LONDON - Middle age is miserable for many, according to a study using data from 80 countries showing that depression is most common among men and women in their 40s.

The researchers analyzed data on depression, anxiety levels and general mental health and well-being taken from some 2 million people in 80 countries.

On average, they found, well-being bottoms out at about age 48 1/2 around the world. But those lows varied quite a bit, ranging from about age 36 in the United Kingdom to about age 66 in Portugal.

The average low point in the U.S. was 44 1/2, although researchers noted a suprising blip in their results: happiness among American men continued to fall until about age 53.

The good news, according to the new study, is that if people make it to age 70 and are still physically fit, they are on average as happy and mentally healthy as a 20-year old.

Ahhh! To be mentally healthy than a 20 year old. Not forgetting the physical fitness. That's my goal. Physical fitness has been a part of my lifestyle since 1980. And the Dream Forum and Myths-Dreams-Symbols definitely stimulates the brain.
Perhaps old age can be something to look forward to.


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Re: Middle Age is Truly Depressing

I'm curious what their definition - and the definitions for most Americans - is of "happiness". What does that "happiness" equate to?

Considering we can be a very gluttonous nation, in combination with a high rate of Prozac use...makes me wonder if what we define as happiness is truly authentic happiness. I see a difference in happiness and Joy.

Just my out-loud thoughts, Gerard.

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