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a weird smell

i got up to go to the bathroom around 1:00 am last night and as i was coming back into my room i had the most overpowering smell off maple and brown sugar, as soon as i went back to sleep i had this very vivid dream that i was in an old fashion formal dining room watching eating french toast. the whole room was in white, as for the people, they were all in white formal dress. what does smell meen in a dream???

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Re: a weird smell

Did your dream include any language about smells? Especially the maple and brown sugar smell? If not then perhaps the smell you experienced while awake had something to do with the dream. But first, have there been actual recent experiences where maple and brown sugar was involved or discussed? Go back over the past several days to determine that possibility.

As for the dream about formal dining rooms and white formal dresses. Not knowing more about the dream the best I can do is to point to the possibilities in the dream dictionary. There is a good possibility the events of the dream are addressing some recent events in your waking life, something that a short dream like you posted would be hard to discern by anyone but yourself.

If there is a relationship from your waking smell prior to the dream and an actual smell in the dream, the following may provide a clue to the meaning of smell.

From hyperdictionary:
To smell something in your dream indicates your past experiences and feelings with that particular smell.

Your dream is trying to convey a feeling by associating it with a familiar smell or scent.

Again, were there any waking experiences prior to the waking night smell and the dream? Something brought about the strong smell of maple and brown sugar.

Dreams of young people and young adults are often associated more with present waking life experiences more so than an older person's dream where it is associated more with reconciling past experiences. Determining what fits your life is key to interpreting the dream. If you can provide more about the dream it may help with the interpretation.


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