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Destruction & 3 Males in Black

I've had three of these dreams. All are similar, but each progresses a bit more every time. I'm looking at a once wealthy beach community in southern California {don't know how I know this , but I just know it} that has been through a horrific destruction {like a nuke bomb}. The people are living in make shift tents and are sick and dying everywhere. There's not much to show that it had been a thriving city or suburb, but just a knowing on my part.
Then I'm standing in a huge glass house looking out onto the destruction with three extra tall males dressed completely in black. They look very similar to each other, but one seems to be the leader. I ask him what happened & why did it occur. He answers me without talking....I heard him in my mind. {Now I don't remember what he said, but I think it had to do with it being inedible.} It seemed to be a warning, but I don't know who to talk to about this. These dreams have occurred three times and have been anywhere from several months to more than a year apart.

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Re: Destruction & 3 Males in Black

The fact each dream progresses suggests there is something within your unconscious that is ready for conscious recognition. The impressions of the community {which most likely represents you, your total psyche} being at one time a thriving city, indicate you know this because it represents your life. The thriving city was you at one time but has been emotionally destroyed. Does that fit with some aspect in your true waking life? It doesn't necessarily mean your whole life but perhaps one or more aspects.

The 3 extra tall males and the 3 different dreams. This suggests to me these males represent your animus {masculine aspects} and not someone from your past {although it could still do that}. The black color would represent your unconscious. The extra tallness may represent the urgency of acknowledging what the unconscious is trying to communicate to you {through these dreams}. If it is masculine aspects being addressed it may be you need 'extra' strength and fortitude {masculine qualities} to acknowledge these unconscious emotional experiences.

The black man answering you without talking suggests again these may be unconscious communications. Each dream is progressing but is addressing the same emotions {look very similar to each other, but one seems to be the leader}. You heard hi in your mind {sleeping mind}. Because it was inedible may suggest it is still an unconscious thing, was previously not ready to communicate it to you {but is progressively}.

The fact these dreams began a year ago and have progressed may suggest the emotional experiences involved may have been so deep it has to progressively work its way to consciousness. I suggest you go back to the time of the first dream to determine what the stimulus may have been to trigger the dream {something related to the actual 'repressed' experiences}. This may provide clues. The next move would to be to look back at your life and determine what if anything would be so traumatic that you have buried it in your unconscious. You are at the beginning of the mid-life cycle and often at this age the past begins to be reflected upon. Events and experiences that were buried often take time to uncover. Let me know your response and perhaps we can gain new insights to what thes edreams are trying to communicate.


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