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ice skating rinks??

Last night I was in a theater presented on ice. At first there was one actor as I enter the room. Threee seats were open for seating. Outside of those there were no other seats present. these seats were spaced 20 or 3o feet apart. I choose the seat closest to the actor. HE was glad to see me and as I sat down a young boy came out and offered me a drink and refreshments. next thing I know there are seats all around on the rink and they are begining to fill up like a sold out show. Feeling akward by taking a whole table all to myself. When my sister walks in with a date and I wave her over. She chooses to sit at a table next to me. Which I thought was weird. when that table over crowds she leaves the building ignoring me. Iam siting now with strangers the show begins. the last thing I remember is clapping and enjoying the show.

with-in my last post I mentioned a dream of a knife and a golden purse that transformed into a knife. This scene took place on a Ice skating rink around pool side tables. Much like the dream above. However there was a hockey game going on.

I find the ice skating rink puzzling???? I have nothing in my life that deals with ice skating rinks.

The presence of my sister does not surprise me where she is going thru difficult times and I think there is growing distance between us.

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Re: ice skating rinks??

Hi Matt,

What is your current attitude to your sister (in real life) when thinking about the dfficulties she is going through? Try to be as honest as you feel comfortable in expressing. The more real you are the better the interpretation. Don't post what you think myself and others are expecting you to write.

What leads me to ask this question is that my intuition is pointing me towards you giving a performance.

TWo idioms also come to mind
"Putting things on ice"
"taking a seat"

They both relate to 'patience'.


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