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Excerpts from conversation's with Michael Toms and Joseph Campbell

If you have not read or listened to the conversations between Joseph Campbell and Michael Toms I suggest you do so. They provide insight not only to Joseph Campbell as a person but also deeper insights to the psyche. This conversation addresses the subjects of God, death and the Wasteland, all of which become vitally important in the mid-life struggle.

"An Open Life - Joseph Campbell in Conversation With Michael Toms".

One question of 'myth' when it comes to spirituality is the 'literal' vs. the metaphorical. From the article:

Joseph Campbell: The thing about Jesus is not that he died and was resurrected, but that his death and resurrection must tell us something about our own spirit.

Perhaps the most difficult 'death and resurrection' is the mid-life struggle. It is the metaphorical reading of the prose that provides the poetry in life. The prose is the ego life and the poetry the inner life {creative and spiritual}. At mid-life these two should integrate and the lines will become 'invisible' {see Kim's Dream}. At least that is te goal for anyone who participates in the Individuation Process.


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