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Top gear

I had a dream last ngiht where I was James May from top gear (a british car esq programme). There were two parts to the dream, but I only remember the second, the first being about how I (as James) got two children (a boy and girl, both about 7, the girl with long blonde hair, The boy with short brown hair, both quite short and skinny). I think I adopted them though a competition, but I'm not sure.

In the second part, like in top gear, we're (the other presenters and I are) having one of the kind of competitions (in the programe usually racing). In this one however, I'm with my children (they both seem very happy (I'm quite happy too) though the challenge is pretty dangerous-life threatening)) On a leaky submarine type boat ish. The submarine is mostly brown in colour (low lighting) and pretty dirty, and there are banisters here and there. I only stay in one room, while my children run around playing, untill I've started figuring out how to get them out.

There's a lady with us, slim, with dark hair, sort've like their nanny. She tells me what we need to send my children out because they're the only ones who can escape, and to do so, they'll have to swim down a vertical kind of chute (like air vents you see in the movies), only it's quite long and filled with water.

We suddenly know we HAVE to send my son down first. Though, I have this nagging thought in my head that he'll die, and I keep on imagining myself as the boy, travelling down the chute, and how I'd rather do pretty much anything than that. The lady talks about how he'll probably die, because the chute is too thin for him to be able to move much. But we're both still happy, pretty much unnaffected by the situation. It's like something as trivial as what programe to watch on tv when you're not fussed about the choice.

The boy seems to be the only one whos starting to 'wake up' (it seemed a bit like that in the dream), as I begin to dunk him in the chute. I keep on holing onto him, hugging him from behind, but still it feels like it's all okay. He starts to get a little concerned 'will I be okay?...I don't want to die...the waters cold' But he's not freaking out.

The dream ends there and I still haven't let go.

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Re: Top gear

Since the dream is about cars perhaps it is addressing what is 'driving you', what aspects/attitudes currently in your waking life that are now prevalent. That could be a masculine thing {James May}, those masculine qualities needed to succeed. The children could represent a need for balance yin/yang}. Perhaps you have recently used too much 'masculine' attitudes and not balancing your psyche with the feminine.

The second part of the dream may be informing us of what those masculine attributes may be. Competition! Perhaps you have ignored those 'balancing 'qualities you possess {again yin/yang-masculine/feminine balance} and need to retrieve those aspects so to gain psyche balance.

The nanny. This may be that mature feminine quality {this may be a statement about your personality-do you consider yourself mature for your age?} that usually guides you in your waking life. She knows how to bring about balance {children-they're the only ones who can escape} needed to balance the yin/yang within you.

The first thing you may need to do is to quite the 'too fast developing' competitive nature that may be consuming you in your waking life {we HAVE to send my son down first}. You do not want this 'competitive' thing to be what defines who you are.

But everyone has a masculine aspect {as well as a feminine} and you do not, and can not, fully 'kill' that aspect off. But you can control it so it doesn't become consuming {competitiveness}.

Has there been situations in your waking life of recent that requires you to be 'too competitive'? This would probably be some experience which is counter to your true nature {not really a competitive person}. Look at the past several days and see where this 'masculine' aspect may fit. I believe the dream is addressing masculine aspects that are not of your true nature and a need to return to a more balance identity {yin/yang, a balanced masculine/feminine attitude with the 'mature feminine' taking the lead}.


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