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I am having difficulty making my passion job (photography mainly, but writing also) pay enough for me to leave my day job( I often undercharge or do it for free)....Before sleeping last night...I asked for guidance through a dream..this is what I dreamed..It confuses me..

I was at my parents house. My friend K.(a writer) was with me..we were out front in the drive way...sort of hiding behind cars. I saw a woman walk by...she was going to "pick up" an X (boyfriend, not from childhood from 7 years ago). they came back together to get in his pick up...and he had his truck keys in his nose!!!! They were talking and laughing and happy..and the key being in his nose...was nothing abnormal..but I was wondering how will he drive...I also noticed he had some gray hair (he didn't when I dated him) and I told my friend (I can't handle this...seeing the two of them...but in reality...I don't care....about this guy any more...and am engaged to someone else)...

Then (I think still with the same friend)..we are at a beautiful...park..or some old fashioned fair/foreign country? I say there is my Dream House....and I was very excited and I dragged her over to it...I had seen it before. From a distance it looked like a little craftsman bungalow..(my favorite style of house)...(it was just a model of a house..sort of hanging in the might have been an architectural fair?) we looked in and it was so disappointing.....there were no all..the whole thing was an was just a shell and it was plastered with decals..and there were also the same decals hanging from the ceiling like mobiles. I'm not sure at all but for some reason..I think they were yellow and green dragons...

At the very end of the dream.....someone called me Mrs. Doolittle (as in Dr. Doolittle)..and all I could think of was: I talk to the animals...

I think this dream must have to do with my ever growing desire to become sucessful at what I love....but what I wanted from the dream..was to see what direction to take my talents in......I do have several projects in mind..but don't know which to focus on..I was hoping the dream would "speak" to me..

I don't understand the keys in the nose..
the sham of a dream house
the dragons?

any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 53 US

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Re: Mystified!

Trying to fulfill your passion. And the social dragon is the only thing that stands in your way. Your world is my world. Where you love photography and writing my passion is web design {Myths-Dreams-Symbols} and my dream work. But like you my day job keeps me from doing what I love doing most full time. It will come I know but the passion for it, well I look forward to not having to slay social dragons and having the time to help others slay their psychological dragons.

Your dream seems to be pointing to your being off track for that desired passion in your life. You may be too centered on the physical requirements that society requires of you. The parents house, your x {which may also represent your own masculine qualities-ego over inner creativity} seem to be regression activities. The keys {the key to your problem} in his nose may be the problem of recognizing how much you are involved in the social being {keys in his nose being self recognition of what is immediately before you}.
Age magnifies that desire for the creative Self. It is what drives you {your x with grey hair}. The past doesn't matter {ego world}. But perhaps there is too much attention to that ego self {engaged with someone else}. regression to what the social dragon expects.

Together the above may represent focusing too much on those things that are depriving you of 'following your bliss'. I know there are times in my journey where social requirements {work and relationships} are so demanding I lose sight of those goals. It is a matter of focus, and believing 'if you build it they will come' {the metaphorical meaning of 'The Field of Dreams}.

and part of the montage of premiere films in the official film of Myths-Dreams-Symbols
The Hero's Journey in Film.

Your dream House {the house is you}. The craftsman bungalow {your creative Self}. These are in the distance. Inside you are empty, unable to realize that creative Self {no windows}. You sometimes may think the whole thing {creative desire} is an illusion. This thinking makes you merely a 'shell of true self' {creative}.

The decals of green dragons. We know what the dragons are. But green is the color of fertility. Throwing caution {yellow} to the wind and using society to your benefit. Being Mrs. Doolittle and using your natural instincts to persevere.

You state you asked for guidance from your dreams. "I do have several projects in mind..but don't know which to focus on..I was hoping the dream would "speak" to me". Perhaps the dream is doing just that. select the project that utilizes your creative Self the most and not for what it pays monetary wise. Joseph Campbell often said if you do it for money you are off your track. But if you follow your bliss, that creative Self,

"If you do follow your bliss you
put yourself on a kind of track
that has been there all the while,
waiting for you, and the life that
you ought to be living is the one
you are living. When you can
see that, you begin to meet
people who are in your field of
bliss, and they open doors to
you. I say, follow your bliss and
don't be afraid, and doors will
open where you didn't know they
were going to be."

Perhaps this is the message from the dream you were seeking. Let the creative Self lead and not the a project that ignores that creative aspect.


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Re: Mystified!

Thanks Gerard.

I am still mulling over all you wrote....I do think you have the hit on my "conflict"....wanting to be in a different "world" than I find myself in (the working world).
I appreciate your insights...and feel that you are right about the empty shell of a house being me(and craftsman?....of course craft/art)
so interesting...still mulling it over...Yes....I need to let my Passion direct my art....instead of trying to "figure out" how to MAKE $$$ with my passion".

I also dreamed several weeks ago about finding gold covered chocolate eggs in the trash...and tall grass and moss and I was finding seemed like discarded gems...
maybe parts of me..that I have disrespected...or even parts of my art?..that I think are worthless and toss aside.

well..thanks so much..for all your time..and your beautiful site and Insight!


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 53

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Re: Mystified!

Eggs-A significant symbol of an imminent birth within, a new beginning

Chocolate-A reward yet can point to excesses

Gold-Accessing your inner treasure

These things are hidden, thrown away. The tall grass may indicate you can find them within your 'natural Self'.

This all seems to be pointing to the creative self and perhaps throwing that away for reasons that are not from that natural Self.

It is difficult to be fully creative when the demands of life are always hanging over your shoulders {burden}. I feel the same way in my quest. Until I am able to live that life of being creative all the time, I am not that whole person I long to be. And I don't see it as being selfish. I know from my dream work that it helps others. The same with the web site. That is the spiritual aspect that Jung says we all possess. Through creativity we are giving from the soul and for some one, and maybe just one person benefits, it can be a life changing event. It happened to me when i first met Joseph Campbell {on PBS in his series The Power of Myth}.
That reminds me of the "official film of Myths-Dreams-Symbols" which was created by a young inspiring artist from Los Angeles. It is a spiritual endeavor, a spiritual journey to seek out that artist within. A hero's quest of the highest order.
But it requires the hero/heroine to stay the path. And the greatest obstacle is 'social duty', doing what you are told and not what the soul desires. It is an epic battle in the life of one, you and I, as we seek that creative life and the harmony and balance it provides.

I am stating the above as I listen to the film. It is most inspiring.

The role of the artist I now understood as that of revealing through the world-surfaces the implicit forms of the soul, and the great agent to assist the artist was the myth... Joseph Campbell

These are just words. But I know from my experience of venturing the hero path {which began some 15 years ago} that there are helping hands that are there to assist. It is merely a matter of patience, and staying the path.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 58 Murfreesboro, Tn

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Male

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