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Tried Dying

I was in this humungous stone room that had a bunch of little rooms off of it. And there were little channels of water like 3 feet deep in each room. Kinda hard to explain. I was with a bunch of people I didn't know. And there was this like Indian guy, he looked like and Indian/Native American, who was chasing me and these people, and the Indian/Native American had a gun and was shooting us. We were all running and swimming in the water. He killed all the other people and I was the last one. A giant stone pillar fell on my back I was crushed beneath it face down in the water, it felt like my lungs were filling up, but there was no pain. I somehow managed to escape, from beneath the pillar. The Indian/Native American was still chasing me, I managed to escape for a bit and...I tried drowning myself in the water, so he couldn't kill me. I kept trying, but I also seemed to float back up to the surface. He never got me though cuz I woke up.

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Re: Tried Dying

watzitgona2tak to get your age? Age is so very important when interpreting dreams. At least when using Jungian psychology as the basis for the interpretation.

Are you under a lot of stress, perhaps emotional conflicts that may be consuming you? I sense deep seeded conflicts that may have taken some control of your life and personality. You may at times be 'drowning n emotions' because of these inner conflicts.

I'll give a more complete interpretation in the morning. These 'perceived' conflicts may be something that is deep and damaging or they may merely be reflecting your personality, a conflictive ego that is unconsciously motivated by inner turmoil but is not so deeply rooted to cause a neurosis, or worse. Your age may help determine which is true.

As for location. Is your 'noles' the Seminoles of Florida State? If so perhaps that is a part of the conflictive attitude you possess. Been a few years since coach Bowden has produced a national champion. Winning is everything at FSU. Is it for you?

Perhaps I am getting ahead of myself in assuming the above. Then again, maybe not. Its the little things that give you away.


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