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Vivid, Horrible Nightmares..

So for the last few months now i've had nothing but horrible nightmares. They are starting to get worse and worse. I don't get scared by a whole lot. But i woke up from one dream and i was in a cold sweat and i was teary eyed. I dreamed that i was at a school and i was walking around. Somehow i ended up in a dusty, old, dark gym watching basketballs rolling everywhere and deflating. All of this is happening while i sit on the old, creaky stands. I look down and theres a sandwich in my hand. As i examine it, a black widow spider crawls out slowly. this causes me to drop the sandwich. spider crawls under my seat.

I then see shadows running through the dark gym. i follow them outside to a very bright garden. (extremely saturated, vivid colors) I realize the running was coming from a gang of teens chasing after another teen. the one being chased was my 15 year old brother. And i ran so, so hard. but i couldnt get there in time and one of the gang leaders slowly transformed into what i can only imagine as a demon. he broke my brothers neck before i could even get there. And i tryed to fight this demon guy. But he was so much stronger then me.

My brother lay dead in the garden that began to wither. suddenly in the sky there was this massive cloud of pollution and some sort of apocalyptic war happening. Planes, missiles, gas, etc..loud chaotic noises. i then heard a deep, evil voice yelling at me.

maybe i missed some details. but it scared the living shit out of me and i don't get scared easily.

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Re: Vivid, Horrible Nightmares..

Welcome Wade

What I see from this dream is the old, dusty gym would refer to your physical aspect. That you are sitting there “watching basketballs rolling everywhere and deflating” sounds like a reference to you watching your own health deteriorate or ‘deflate’. This is reinforced in the image of the sandwich, the healthy alternative to the more junky foods that tend to dominate western culture, the spider is a representation of a warning.

This says to me this is a dream in reference to a change in lifestyle that may be common in your age group in the transition of being a student (and more active) to a more sedentary employee (stuck behind a desk).

The “shadows running through the gym” would be a reference to your shadow self (see the individuation process on this website, I don’t know how to link it like Gerard does, but it should be quite easy to find), which is basically the parts of yourself that you repress / ignore.

My question then is, have you let your sporting / physical nature slip a bit? Are you not spending as much time in active pursuits than your perhaps ought to? Are you over indulging on the quick and easy fast foods as opposed to the healthier alternatives?

If so than the rest of this post may apply:

The shadows running “out into the very bright garden” is talking about these shadow aspects coming through into your conscious self, perhaps in a negative way (as anger, frustration etc). This is “breaking your brothers neck before [you could] even get there” ie it is out of control, you aren’t able to stop yourself before you realise what you are doing. Your brother could be a reference to your actual brother (eg you may take it out on him) or he may represent some aspect of yourself that this is damaging, possibly an aspect of your masculine side.

This shadow aspect is one of your “demon”s that you will have to overcome. At the moment he is stronger than you, and you can not defeat him (ie you are not overcoming the unconscious urge to lead an unhealthy lifestyle). If this continues the conclusion of the dream will be the result, a catastrophic conflict / outcome.

But merely your conscious awareness of this demon is a powerful weapon in itself. It is a large step forward to overcoming it.

Remember though, the key is balance. There is a time to be active, and a time for rest, and you must balance the two. If you go to open war on the gang that is breaking your brothers neck, then you are again damaging a part of yourself. You must start 'hanging out' with that gang more and in time you will become their leader, and hoepfully, less of a demonic one.

Hope that helps,

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