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erykah badu..

well. I go to school. and it's just one big room where all the kids that used to mess with me over the years are just hangin around and talking, there is no teacher. there are also a few kids that are my friends.
I meet these two girls at this radioshack like store that remind me of my two friends in middle school.. and one is black and one is hispanic. they're just like me but they're really poor, because we go back to the hispanic girls house... I'm sort of scared of these two girls, as I had been of those two in real life.
we meet some more people at the train... and those girls btw, were riding bikes.

anyway now we're all walking in a group and we go to this food place and get some grub and they go home and I go home... but it's like my living room is the school still filled with those kids.. and I go past them and into my kitchen where me and my brother start getting munchie food. and for some reason we're worried about my dad coming home to find out we ate all the food.. anyways I take some food back into the living room and start talking to my friend steven who exists in real life.. anyways then I hear that erykah badu is outside and we all run outside and its like a huge block party and erykah badu is just outside with a mic singing and talkin to the crowd and everyone is just up and happy and it's daylight out.. and she's wearing this all black leathery futuristic suit. they have really sexy slits around above and below the nipple on the breasts... and ... she lets me lather her boobs with this candy that is a mixture of lucas chile and tamarind. lol idk.. anyways I go back inside and all those kids are there again.. and I go back to the kitchen to make more munchies with my brother again.. and come back out to the living room and sat down on the floor next to steven.. and he says "sup ginga?" and I'm like "wassup?" and I lay down on my stomach to get more comfortable and have a conversation and then I wake up.

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